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Impressions from Life


  1. Mellow Longing
  2. Presence
  3. The Path of the Drum
  4. Glad Instant
  5. Emerging
  6. Utopia
  7. Confest
  8. Momentary comfort
  9. Severed Relationship
  10. Dance of Fire
  11. Enigma
  12. I Love You Like Anything
  13. Poem inspired by the book 'Heavens mirror'
  14. Because you live
  15. A Poem
  16. The Search
  17. Foundation, Prosperity and Eternity
  18. The Spirit Song
  19. The All-Going-Forth
  20. Clear Light of Feeling
  21. Riddle from the Bamboo Grove
  22. I am the Summit
  23. Spirit is love, Love is spirit Chant
  24. Dancer with the universe

Mellow Longing

Perhaps it was because autumn had stretched forth her wilting hand over the land
and commanded that leaves blanket the earth,
that the summer of my life vanishes suddenly with your absence.

No piercing anguish of lost love nor pain or sorrow it is,
but a low glowing warmth that quietly finds a new depth of my heart,
peeling off another layer in preference to a more inner state

The brook that gently trickles over the rocks whispers melancholy
as I think of the happy day we had together.
I never thought it could bind me so much
and plunge me into this timeless longing.
In the contrast of the silent forest
I contemplate this new desire that awakens.

My old poetry book What virtue, mysteriously hidden, has stolen me from all others.
What friendship has left me content with simple joy.
What touch could have been without desire for you.
I barely uncovered your concealed affection,
yet just a touch gave so much meaning to our words.

Delight that fixed my eyes to yours wove its web unnoticed.
Oh, that your laughing lips had not dismissed my attempts
at something more than friendship.
Security and ambition could not have held me back
from the dream you created in my mind.

To live at your stone dwelling
in empathy with tribal simplicity
on your golden island,
imbued in pagan tradition
and generations of passed down custom,
is now only a dim converging of our paths
somewhere along the distant track.

Perhaps the seed planted in your soul
will take root in the winter months
and bring forth new blossoms of joy in spring.
But till fragrant red and yellow leaves
remind me once more of our last day together,
my deepest feelings are for you
and my heart returns to you.


The sun warms my cheek and I sit up
Mind open to emanating pattern.
Presence, personal, speaks in silence, fills my heart with devotion.
Existing in subliminal thought
the source of inspiration becomes ecstasy as I express.
All burden of thoughts and mind become lifted
Feminine love melts any barrier remaining.
Desire comes before me
and I step into the dark without knowing.
Brought out with compassion I learn to find the middle path,
and pick flowers along the way.
Coming out of my dream you call the true reality
I am sent on my way among the worlds people.

The Path of the Drum

For those who are given to the path of the drum there can be
much awakening and fulfillment. The force of it's beat draws
upon the universal rhythm that merges life's diversity
as one great spirit and gives form to dancing souls
that find their way by the sound of wood and stone

Drawing that my artist friend Alexis of Continental House made of the !987 Harmonic Convergence. Look for Hopi symbol, Mnt Warning and zodiac signs

For those who stand by the red flames united in a circle
and hum in unison the song of their yearning
there is also trial, as lower spirits resist changes you bring
against the ravaging course they fashioned with confounded laws.
You know that violence cannot materialize your hope for peace
and hold yourself against provocation and threat.
You turn from the path of anger, to conflict resolution,
for you wish rather to preserve our relationships
and learn the truths each one of us has to offer.

For those who release their energy to the beat of the drum
there is realization, but only those who follow
their own individual energy will come to that realization,
for it is the key to becoming one.
And those who can look inside themselves
and accept the criticism of others there is acceptance.
For those who stretch out their hand to others there is comfort
and for those that stretch their hands to the sky, liberation.
For in time, love will choose to come to them that are open.

For those who are drawn to care for the earth,
the earth will care for them.
They will be drawn to clean waters and forever keep them clean,
and fresh air that fills green forests and forever keep it pure,
and to the sustaining earth, and forever keep it sacred,
and the dignity of their environment will be with them.
The creator's manifested perfection will uplift their hearts
and give them happiness and freedom to share, and as they work
in harmony with the creators works they will perpetuate.
And those that try to heal the earth will unite as a family and
heal themselves and become whole.
They will feel the underlying relationships between all beings
and see the broader meaning in the design of all things.

But those who poison the earth will come in conflict with
their surroundings. Their artificial cities that imitate order
and enforce permanence will drag at the heels of those exploiting
the earth, and they will be overcome by vanity and vexation.
And in their experiment with extreme indulgence and manipulation,
will become lost, knowing more and more about less and less,
and their understanding will reduce,
until tapping of stone and rhythm of wood may move their feet
and free their hearts to understand the call of the drum
that came once to the timeless past
and comes now to reunite us all.

Glad Instant

A painting of mine

Oblivious to shadows,
back slouched on moist earth,
face to the sky.
Heart full of spring, love emotion.
Feminine smile softly opens warmly, nature responds.
Secure in being here, complete with you.

Gladness in your love.
Friendly hand holds at every place.
Giving love with your gentle smile.
Brings into harmony natures eternal speech.
Humming like a bee, give relief to starved eyes
with nothing more than free movement.
Step into vision of closeness within.
Having, not wanting, living in your heart,
Remembering the eternal


I am inside myself.
I move for you.
I create you.
I move for you so you can recognize me.
I can't find you but believe in you.
I will do with whatever I have
to express myself for you
so you can find me.

Even if you saw me you may not find me.
But when I move for you,
you may find me,
you may know me.
You will rise.
You will understand everything about me,
but you will not see me.
Instead you will be me.

You may not even open your eyes,
but you will move.
You will move by knowledge of me.
You will move by knowledge of yourself.
Your body will make you smile,
and I will see you.
And we will begin to find each other,
believing in each other.


You can change your consciousness, change your perception.
Don't be bound by the mundane, its not how they perceive it.
You can change the reality, create a fresh new world.
Live closer to nature, participate in the life of the wilderness
experience the seasons understand the call of the bird before dawn
and rise with the colors of the sun,
receive new thoughts and inspiration to dance to the tune of the day.

We can reach it.
A harmonious blend of community, gardens and forest
Industry on a human scale Utilizing organic, recycling and composting methods
to manufacture food, clothing and shelter
Unity of purpose, understanding and happiness
A connection with the divine in ourselves and in nature
The beauty of living together in a paradise. Improvised domes and gravity irrigation
Sowing by the moon, melon plantation
Sunset at dusk, music celebration
Gathering to eat, vegetarian liberation
Dance at full moon, freedoms jubilation


Can you recognize yourself in each quarter of the festival?
Do you go in spirit to the market place
and dwell among the Nepalese ornaments and Rajastani fabric,
then pour out of the Afghan pipes to the riverbank,
to caress and massage naked bodies
that sigh for the pressure of your fingertips

Do you surface from the rapid current which dumps you downstream,
where black mud coats your skin and dries under the blazing sun
while your body shakes in rhythm to the drum and didgerydoo ?

Does your light begin to shine,
and do you subside into divine bliss
when you sing bajans and chant hymns
with Rama at the rock sanctuary ?

My instruments for ritual Have you brought yourself up to the current
awareness of social change and lifestyle,
and added to your personal growth
by attending and participating in workshops ?
Has this forum for the new age and alternative culture,
and network for planetary needs allowed you
to make yourself a link in the coming chain of events ?

Are you at home among the grasses and rocks,
by the pebbles and creek, and within your tee pee,
and at ease to ramble off some verses
of the moment with others, as songs of the day
are spontaneously sung in the chai tent ?

Do you hear yourself relating to others around a
quiet campfire, awakening to self expression
and responding to inner longing for those around ?

Do you find yourself drifting to the stage
to marvel at personalities profusely creating laughter
and delight in astonishing spectacles of amusement,
or stimulating passion and emotion in their music
for those who gaze at them under the moonlight,
tuning in to their innate message of sentiment and harmony ?

Are you moved by the power of excitement
to dance with the velvet sky, underneath the stars,
in devotion to the joy in your heart ?
You become everywhere and in everyone,
boundless, pouring forth like light,
and rejoice that your motion is an expression of
spirit within us all that moves us as one.
Your face is seen on the lips of the living and your heart
quickens the personal manifesto in each and joins us.
Your best is always now, never ending and deliberate.
Your power liberates

Momentary comfort

Self Portrait 1972

Hello my lover.
May we now share our hearts while we are together.
I want to hear your girly talk once more,
make jokes and laugh about things
I don't even consider.

Lets talk about anything till we break our hearts
Lets feel each other till we discover more about ourselves
Lets only understand what we want to and have a good time.

We make each other so happy that I want to possess you.
But love cannot be possessive

Long black hair flowing over black clothes,
but brown eyes that never allow me to stare into too deeply.
that sense every bit of my mouth
kiss me with warmth, like butterflies that try to escape
You let me sleep with you naked
my arm around your smooth belly, cuddled together,
and in the morning show me a smile,
dimple adding pleasure to your friendly face and comforting nature.
Who knows, maybe we'll be together in your house on the hill

Severed Relationship

Deep sorrow, emptiness, knowing how inseparable we were
through the frightful pain of two united hearts being torn apart.
Not I nor you can stem the evils that force us apart now.

They are unfortunate lovers who can't see how they hurt each other
and shut themselves out of each other's lives.
I can't deny the forces that bring us together and keep us apart.
So soon did you force my desire to look for higher fulfillment
and now my hope lies ahead.
Seldom is there someone who would care for me as much as you.
Your smile has added to my cheeks
and my fingers will miss your long soft neck.
The memory of joys that we gave one another
while we were for each other
will carry me through my search.
Just requite for those who learn the lessons of love and hate,
which sometimes rest so heavily on my soul.
My vision of happiness has outgrown being just friends.
You are free to find whatever self you say you have to lose
for I tried to find it in each other

Dance of Fire

We dance by the golden light of the ravaging fire.
Flames lick our heals and burn the breath of our lives
as we are drawn into the flames
to feel the voracious desire of its heart.
Some looking for warmth draw near to placate the needs of a cold world.
Others stare at their bid, eyes caught in the light like moths.

The blaze is startling, and awesome to be close,
as flames turn and sway in gestures of lively spasms,
spontaneously bursting their energies and are gone, taken by the night
into infinite depth, on a journey that seeks equilibrium and stillness.
Shadows leap up the walls to the beat of the panting voice
that roars in peaks of might


I'm a character of life,
a puppet of its force
a jester of its humor,
a subject of its laws
a graduate of its lessons,
a steerer of its course
a receiver of its goodness,
a sufferer of its remorse

I Love You Like Anything

My mother broke my rosemary bush
Then she pulled it out of the ground
You once said 'you loved it like anything'
That was the last time I saw your love
The last indication of your feelings
The ones that break my heart

Someone stole my wallet with your picture
Now all I have is the memory of what you meant to me
What I gambled with and lost
What a poor substitute for love
To puzzle over rights and wrongs
And punishment for denial of love
Or the value of a mind that has discovered a way to break free of hatred
the mere mention of, enough to rekindle endless torment
The one, you threatened, that I could never rise above,
But how far down were you?
I too had love and inner peace, sacred as the stars.

Now love is the courage to face eternity forever alone
Could I say that love only gives one chance
It does not tolerate a lapse of patience,
Your will, full of revenge, could have been placated if only,
it seemed, you could bring me to my knees
But none of this makes sense to you
Neither are you interested

It was as forever, waiting each day when I would see you again
Now it really IS forever, an endless drawn out distressing forever
I muse over what unusual condition may emerge with time
There's no trace of perfect happiness in my life left
but for the jewel of my memory

I took the time to look around our empty room, alone, for the last time
And remember your cherished cabinet
draped with colored scarf on which sat objects of delight,
and your touches of joy hanging down around the windows
and know how it livened up my life
when you brought me into your world

How I felt when we were at home together
My dream girl
I loved it like anything
was the last thing you ever said to me in joy
I don't hate my mother

Poem inspired by the book 'Heavens mirror'

Basket I was taught to make

My house will be a temple attuned to the sun
On the sacred days of the year thy hall will become full of light
In subtle rhythm shall we coalesce
To contemplate and commune with concurring inner and outer realms
At thy sun's times and seasons.

Dance an illusion of my own making that began with thee
Who out of thy Unbegotten Self engendered my person
Who from the zero of my entity gave me liberty to make myself, even as thou hast, Oh Father.
I tasted of the tree of good and evil
And groped in darkness, and ignorance
The womb that incessantly binds
Until by Om, Thy beautiful daughter of truth and righteousness, was rescued
And by Mi, Almighty Mother was set free when thy presence overflowed into my deficiency

And as I remember thee
As a thought forever finds itself
Upon everlasting reflection of thy creation
I absorb myself in thy phenomenal world.
And co-create in my/Thy wilful destiny

Because you live

Let my love wipe away your tears,
And stir the depths of your heart
What secret lies hidden there
Waiting to be discovered
In every interaction
With everyone and everything that acts upon you.
Wanting to unfold
In a mysterious way
Each petal, never before felt
Of the indweller in All

A Poem

Heaven is the great homecoming,
The emerging from darkness and the reason for living.
The letting go of what binds us and accepting that which liberates.
The summit of the steep mountain from where all is seen clearly.
The cosmic marriage of receptive with creative,
The grasping mind and longing heart that finds its seat of rest and splendour.

Not a dissolution into a homogeneous One,
But a harmonious arrangement of the parts that comprise the whole.
More than emotional balance or ideal relationship
But love (essence) and truth (reality) itself

It is ultimate freedom to practice and have faith in the ways of Great Spirit,

Praise to the giver of joy and light,
To the one who smiles.
Blessed is the star that shines bright,
Who Is that love,
Who gazes in the mirror of existence and sees only one's pure self.

The Search

Oh, undifferentiated Person, Soul of All by whose in-dwelling warmth we journey
Flame of thy fire are we, scions of thy Vine, colours of thy illumination
Selves of thy very same Self, sons and daughters of manifold destiny
Of unknowable, unreachable cause, swept along in thy whirling braids.
Indrawing our psyche as we trace thy subtle footsteps

This vision of universal immutable mind
- ultimate innermost stillness; absolute melodious peace
This moment of unity, harmony and All-perfection
That rests upon, and quells the peripheral ocean of sangsara
In the midst of which grows the lotus of awareness, the tree of life,
The crux of good and evil, seated, radiating within Thy centre, pure, glorious
Stirs in the depth of imitating ignorance and tempest of ceaseless passion
Quickens in the cycle of being, becoming and non-being;
Calls within the four directions - above and below, east and west
- the entirety encompassed within the perpetually changing wheel of fete,

A chakra diagram from my poetry book What is this, (Reality)?
A boundless hologram that enfolds the whole in each of its parts?
A cosmic interference pattern, or frequency domain
Perceived by the senses, interpreted by the brain
Conceived by the mind as this objective world of appearances?
An implicate order in which all points are infinitely connected in space and time?

How did this vast expanse of endless stars and mysterious centre,
This polarity, this capacity of ubiquitous plasma in which dynamic circuits stir
Go into relative motion and achieve its precision and design?

How doest Thou join the ends of darkness and light, and bring together the mother and father
And entwine the helix of spiritual and material substance
Of this cosmic egg, this matrix, this 'foundation of the world'
Upon which thy order, beauty and majesty is written
Out of which organic life germinates.

Who art Thou?
A monad - the subject of thy silence, thy spirit, thy spouse, thy dyad?
A trinity, a Dios-Eros-Logos that is three in one?
A supreme entity embracing etherean, heavenly and corporeal realms
Combined and concentrated into one person
Of which we are but a symbol, a replica, a finite image, a microcosm, a child?
A pantheistic experiential creature, enjoying the fruit of its wisdom and almighty power,
And ultimate glory of its evolutionary purpose?
A deity that emanates, evolves and reabsorbs Itself,
Or a Self who knows, separates and transcends Himself
Comprising all existence, but of apparently no existence?
Like a sun that shines in myriads of minds, while remaining unaffected
Quiescent, beyond the thoughts of men
Uninvolved in the essence of time and space, unbound by their processes
But a beacon, a keynote, a mantra by which we attune
And bring ourselves into concord and truth
And see all facets as the same Person
Who is substance and support of this world,
Which ever more becomes like what appears to sages as
A reflection in a transparent, qualityless and formless stainless mirror.

Foundation, Prosperity and Eternity

Oh life, oh desire, oh longing. What fruit do you hold?
What flower bursts forth to flaunt under the sun?
What life seed goes forth into darkness, into Nod.
But lo, is lost, knowing not its own light.

Oh the myriad of ways it can turn
Each in its own time, and only for what is before it.
For only Thou, oh All Person, goes forth in all directions,
And walks all paths at one moment.

Who can deny thee, oh Peace of my soul?
Aren’t they “the shadows that run from themselves”?
Thou art even the love that they contest for in vain.

But Thou art hidden better than the rarest diamond
More silent that these rugged boulders
Higher and more majestic than the greatest mountain

So, which way, oh life?
Residing deep seated in the heart and soul of rest
Which way, oh Father, giver of life and light?
Oh Alpha and Omega. Bestower of music and harmony
None other is able to lead me to thy end.

The Spirit Song

My new homemade guitar Rumple the fool, as he is like to be known sometimes, handed me his early doodle book a long time ago (while we were in some outback country place, maybe near the Murray river, Australia), so I could check out his weird doodles of imaginary cranky jesters. Not long after this I happened to include an impression of his experience in this song.

You can see more of Rumple on this link

Am7 … D6 … Cmaj7 … Bm7 … Am7 … D6 … Bm7 … Cmaj7
Am7 … D6 … Bm7… Cmaj7… Am7 … D6 … Bm7 … Cmaj7
Em … Bm7 … Em … Bm9 … Em … Bm7 … Em … Bm9 … Bm9

First Verse
Em ………….. Bm7 …… Em ….…….. Bm9
Can you feel the fire inside, can you feel it burning
Em …………… Bm7 .…. Em .……….… Bm9
Can you hear the Spirit call, Tell me what its saying
Am7 …..………. D6 ……. Am7 ..…… D6
Come back to the One light, come into it's presence
Am7 …… D6 …..………. Am7 … BmajMin7
Unify your hearts and minds, with its treasures

Second Verse
Oh, the passage of time, oh how it goes by
Will you shine your shining star, As much as you can
Cause in your light I smile, And I clap and sing
Of the joy as your love unfolds, And happiness you bring

Third Verse
And that silly fool, Did he face the answer too
From his room of mirrors, Who could he be
When nothing else was really there, When he stopped to stare
Just the movement of sky upon the earth

Repeat First Verse

The All-Going-Forth

Who can march with Jehovih?
But march we do, as the light dawns
The time of preaching, it is said, is past
He knows all, yet speaks in wisdom to His creations
In wisdom does he impart to all
In timely order
And out of darkness comes harmony

He leaves the individual behind in their tracks
In their search, in their ways, in their lives
How did they know? How were they taught? Why do they go forth?
It is you who marches into darkness, and does not find,
You who lets go, and finds the inner way, and walks the fine line.
You are the searched for, the searcher and the search.
What has been and what is to come.
In search of only He who is accepted by all.
For Whom their is no door locked.
He has gone a mile before we raise a finger.
And is closer than a hair.

Clear Light of Feeling

I am thrice great
The message, the mediator, and the listener
Love, lover and beloved
I am the objective reality in a subjective realm.
The possibility of objective knowledge
The true vision, the substantial of the ideal
The clear light, the sun of our subjectivities
that stands high above the clouds of our feelings;

Stainless, untainted by the colors of our impressions
This illusion, this longing, this separation,
Whose love is sufficient unto all?
These ripples, these waves, this tempest
Creatures of passion, what did you hear?
what do you play on your harp?
What was in the cup you drank from?
That bore you back

I am yet a child in this storm of deception
Agnostic, undiscriminating,
Dreamlike, astral, captivated
By a nebulous image of the perfect, real art within;
The entity that called for it;
The delicate truth that refuses to be spoken of;
The root of life, hope and action that grew from it;
An eagle, perched above a crevice of frivolous abandonment
and loss of it …

Riddle from the Bamboo Grove

I am a thief, but I don’t steal
I have slaves, but I don’t enslave
I am an actor, but I don’t pretend
I am a murderer, but I don’t kill
I am here, but I am nowhere

I am a tiger praying on your envy
I am a beggar who failed to fly
I am a lion that evaluates your arrogance
And a horse that prances on by

I am the guardian of a swirling vortex
A glaring dragon who threatens your advance
My scaly tail dances in the gentle clouds
My eyes quicken your course

I am a red demon of eternal darkness
I wield a flaming sword of feigned honour
I come in the night in service to your warrior spirit
To impress your passion in chains of iron

I speak but no-one hears
I see you but you don’t see me
I know you but you don’t know me
I move you but you don’t move me
I feel you but you don’t feel me

I am your spirit, but you are not mine
I am majestic, free and powerful, are you?
I am pure, original and humble, are you?
I am merciful, selfless and charitable, are you?
I am your soul, I never die

I sleep in the safety of the bamboo grove
And wake in the morning sun

A chart I did when I was about 18

I am the Summit

If life is to be lived, we are moved along up a mountain
It was provided for, that there was once plenty of space for all
But towards the end, there is no room
If we choose to reach the summit, there, can be only "God"
No more finding the way
No more independent existence
We encounter the root of our being
The remainder after the loss
The gain after the surrender
What was it that we clung to?
What was it that we fought with?

But now there is nowhere to go
No passion to explore
No ambition to carry out
This is the culmination of all striving
All development
We have reached the end
Of the dream
Of death
We can't feign it any more
... only truth, being ... be
Liberty, redemption

Only one place to go now -
... to the seat of true being
To the sun of resplendent glory
The everlasting heart of all love
A lifting of the veil, of illusion
The light of realization, of life
And beauty of perfect Self,
... container of the pure, ever flowing fountain, source of being
Made perfect in breath, balanced in emotion and silent in mind
That reflection of a keynote
A supreme personality of godhead, as they say
A meeting of all roads

That magnitude ... that truth, that dwelt in the innermost silence
That spanned from abyss to limitless light
That in a measure and time, went forth,
Into expanse, intertwined
Moulded, within the deep unknown void
The, womb of dark moistness,
Reigning in the transient, restless motion of mind,
By faith in a voice
Coming forth from the changeless, self-existent perfection
Conceived a son, a daughter body of a kind
A receptacle to contain the magnitude
By which the boundless joy could not be exhausted by the gloom
A light beacon, a vehicle, a merkabah
For searching souls to inhabit,
To attain, in the final leap
That truth, that progenitor
That was, is and ever shall be

Spirit is love, Love is spirit Chant

First verse - This perfection
Thou art in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I Am in this perfection, of thy perfection
You are in this perfection, of thy perfection
We are in this perfection, of thy perfection

Thou abides in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I abide in this perfection, of thy perfection
You abide in this perfection, of thy perfection
We abide in this perfection, of thy perfection

Thou conceives of thy perfection, in thy perfection
I conceive of this perfection, in thy perfection
You conceive of this perfection, in thy perfection
We conceive of this perfection, in thy perfection

Thou creates in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I create in this perfection, of thy perfection
You create in this perfection, of thy perfection
We create in this perfection, of thy perfection

Thou becomes in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I become in this perfection, of thy perfection
You become in this perfection, of thy perfection
We become in this perfection, of thy perfection

Second verse - Love’s perfection
Thou art in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I Am in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
You are love’s perfection, of thy perfection
We are in love’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou abides in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I abide in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
You abide in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
We abide in love’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou conceives of thy perfection, in thy perfection
I conceive of love’s perfection, in thy perfection
You conceive of love’s perfection, in thy perfection
We conceive of love’s perfection, in thy perfection

Thou creates in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I create in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
You create in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
We create in love’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou becomes in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I become in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
You become in love’s perfection, of thy perfection
We become in love’s perfection, of thy perfection

Third verse - Life’s perfection
Thou art in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I Am in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
You are in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
We are in life’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou abides in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I abide in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
You abide in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
We abide in life’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou conceives of thy perfection, in thy perfection
I conceive of life’s perfection, in thy perfection
You conceive of life’s perfection, in thy perfection
We conceive of life’s perfection, in thy perfection

Thou creates in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I create in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
You create in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
We create in life’s perfection, of thy perfection

Thou becomes in thy perfection, of thy perfection
I become in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
You become in life’s perfection, of thy perfection
We become in life’s perfection, of thy perfection

Fourth verse - All perfection
Thou abides in thy perfection, in thy perfection
You abide in loves perfection, in loves perfection
We abide in life’s perfection, in life’s perfection
We abide in this perfection, in this perfection

Thou conceives of thy perfection, in thy perfection
You conceive of loves perfection, in loves perfection
We conceive of life’s perfection, in life’s perfection
We conceive of this perfection, in this perfection

Thou creates in thy perfection, in thy perfection
You create in loves perfection, in loves perfection
We create in life’s perfection, in life’s perfection
We create in this perfection, in this perfection

Thou becomes in thy perfection, in thy perfection
You become in loves perfection, in loves perfection
We become in life’s perfection, in life’s perfection
We become in this perfection, in this perfection

Dancer with the universe

Dancer with the universe dances in the night
Dances with the shadows in the moonlight
Show me the key unlock the heart
Give me the rhythm to make a start

More than mere fantasy lead me to truth
Play in the subtlety of emotion and mood
Catching the beat that opens the way
Listen to feelings that grow and that sway

Am ......................... Em
Delicate body, long fingers and arms
Dm .............................. Am
Slender embrace of the moon and the stars
Am ................................. Em
Fashion your being from symbol and song
Dm ..................... Am
Emulate imagery balanced and strong

Giving yourself so carefree and wild
Excitement expressed with impulse of child
Turning in circles now left and now right
You leap and make way for others in flight
Eyes turning upward in gesture of love
Raising your arms to the sky above
With meaning and wonder so agile and free
You turn and gesture to dance with me.

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