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Family of the Great Spirit

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Photo of me in Melbourne Australia May 2011

Though our actions and thoughts might mostly be for self's sake, we have capacity to learn directly from our Creator's Light, and become perfect like Him. If we listen for His voice and guidance, we will see beyond illusion and come back into harmony and home.

He is heard in the dawning sun, the laughing child, the song of the bird and peace of the meadow. His Presence quickens us to express according to the light that is in us.

Zarathustra taught:
"To have Faith in His Voice was the highest that man could attain. To build up one's own faith in the I Am would produce the highest happiness. Each self must learn to build up itself in love and wisdom, and after them, power, trusting in the I Am".

Words that have stood for over 2000 years say:
"good works are the only salvation", and that "most crime and misery come because of poverty, and the division of man's affairs".
It was found that "the highest and best remedy for this is to associate into families (communes) of tens and twenties and hundreds and thousands, with "rab'bahs" (a "father" or person of highest light), in which there shall be no buying or selling, ownership, divisions, castes, privileges of one above another, nor rich, nor poor.

Sakaya (some of his teachings were plagiarised by Buddhism and now identified as Buddhist)

"To him who saith: This is mine, I have not spoken. To him who saith: My house, my lands, I have not spoken. For inasmuch as these things belong to them, such men belong to such things, and not to me [ie. The Great Spirit]".

(From the Book of Oahspe).
Therefore, it is requisite that we practice owning all things in common and embrace all as one family, combining our knowledge skills and energy for the well being of all.

Sakaya said:
"Without pledges to general rules, a community is like a farm without fences, where cattle roam about, destroying the harvests.

Two things stand prominently before all men, about which there need be no dispute, Light and Darkness.
Whether you call the light God, Great Mystery, or I Am, it matters little, provided the idea expressed has reference to that which is the highest conceived of, Who is Ever-Present, and is the Person from which all persons sprung.
And whether you call darkness sin, or evil, or satan, it matters little, provided the idea expressed is that which is the extreme opposite of light.
Without these two entities in view, to shun the one, and strive for the other, a community is like race-horses striving for a prize by running in circular capers, instead of going on a well provided track.
Take no man or woman into the family till first pledged to serve the All Person, Jehovih (Ormazd), with a full and willing heart. To shun satan and his emissaries, be circumspect. And when you come together, choose the oldest, wisest, best man, to be the father of the family

1) "Purification is the first law of man's own self. You shall not eat the flesh of any creature that breathed the breath of life.
You shall bathe once every day from the crown of the head to the sole of the feet. And before bathing, you shall say: Before Thee, O Jehovih (God) I will put away the filth of my body and the evil of my spirit. And after bathing, ye shall say: As I have with water washed clean the outer man, O Thou Jehovih, help me to make clean my spirit. In the morning, when you wake, you shall say: Help me, O Jehovih, to keep my thoughts pure this day; and my soul full of love and tenderness. In the evening, before sleeping, you shall say: Whilst my corporeal body sleeps, O Jehovih, help my less encumbered spirit to see the ways of Thy righteous judgment.
Without purity, no man can see the Creator; with purity, all men can see Him, and hear Him. It is easier to purify the corporeal body than the spiritual. For diet and baths can accomplish the former, but pure thoughts are required for the soul. A man may be clean as to the flesh; but if he have impure thoughts, he is impure in spirit. Whoso speaks cruelly or unjustly of his neighbor, who speaks of their shortcomings and deceptions, is foul in spirit.

2) The second law, after being purified, is to strive constantly to do good unto others by inspiring them to purity first, and then to attain individuality; to place one on the path of their own salvation; to teach one to pray for themselves daily (not dependant on priests) according to their own self-reflection and highest light; to help the poor by giving, serving and teaching them how to help themselves.

3) The third law is: To abnegate one's own self; being willing in heart, to sacrifice one's own desires, possessions and opinions for sake of peace and the good of the family. This is the most difficult law. For the selfishness of man causes him to say: I have such a love of liberty. Let me be the dictator, and do my decrees. But for this evil amongst men, they could dwell together in peace, the world over.

4) The fourth law is: To love all men, women and children, as brothers and sisters.

5) The fifth law is: To return good for evil; to give pleasure to those, that give pain.

To practice those things, holding all things in common, is sufficient unto the redemption of the world from darkness, war and evil, unto peace and light and happiness to all the living".

This being said, we perceive that in these times, we value freedom above any rules, dogma and unproven assertions. Forms of religion change according to the requirements of the times. You have caused me to become what I became. Consider then whether the above words still apply . Our diverse natures require discussion and resolution of tradition, philosophy and religion that might ultimately piece together a unity in our behaviour, belief and organisation to the satisfaction of all, and will supplement the sacred nature of our innermost being.

It has been said that the fulfilment of God's plan for humanity is for us to co-create with His Great and Selfless Spirit a Heaven on Earth. May we celebrate our progress in building Him a foundation on Earth with devotional music, song, chanting, dance and ceremony,.

So come in peace all ye seeds of change, of all races and colours, traditions, nationalities and beliefs, travelling on these multitude of paths and find home here. All our trials are for growth of Spirit. To understand its ways, to accept, to be enriched by all diversity that comes, steps, strives, flows towards ultimate perfection and oneness is to discover the purpose of life and happiness, for in this is the wisdom of how we come to know the person of the Creator, who is our eternal boundless love and peace.

A Poem - Foundation, Prosperity and Eternity

Oh life, oh desire, oh longing. What fruit do you hold?
What flower bursts forth to flaunt under the sun?
What life seed goes forth into darkness, into Nod.
But lo, is lost, knowing not its own light.

Oh the myriad of ways it can turn
Each in its own time, and only for what is before it.
For only Thou, oh All Person, goes forth in all directions,
And walks all paths at one moment.

Who can deny thee, oh Peace of my soul?
Aren’t they “the shadows that run from themselves”?
Thou art even the love that they contest for in vain.

But Thou art hidden better than the rarest diamond
More silent than these rugged boulders
Higher and more majestic than the greatest mountain

So, which way, oh life?
Residing deep seated in the heart and soul of rest
Which way, oh Father, giver of life and light?
Oh Alpha and Omega. Bestower of music and harmony
None other is able to lead me to thy end.

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