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Sam'tu, the sign of the Triangle

The Key of Emeth

Spirit, One

The Dyad Of two apparent entities am I nevertheless I am but one.
I am male and female.

Two in One makes Three

Trine or Trinity, the Three in One or Triangle

The Three Degrees

1. All was. All is. All ever shall be.
The All spoke and motion was, is and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The All Motion was his speech.
2. He said, I Am! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there anything in all the universe but what is part of him.
3. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of my person and my body.
4. By virtue of my presence are the living brought forth into life.
I am the Quickener, the Mover, the Creator, the Destroyer. I am First and Last.
5. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I am but one.
These entities are the Unseen, which is Potent, and the Seen, which of itself is Impotent, and called Corpor.
6. With these two entities, in likeness thereby of myself, made I all the living;
for as the life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part.
7. Chief over all that I made on the earth I made Man; male and female made I them. And that man might distinguish me I commanded him to give me a name; by virtue of my presence commanded I him. And man named me not after anything in heaven or on earth.
In obedience to my will named he Me after the sounds the wind utters, and he said, E-O-IH!
Which is pronounced Jehovih, and is written thus:          
symbol of a leaf on a cross, on a circle
Book Of Jehovih Chapter I
12. For if you do not benefit in Jehovih‘s Person (that which is seen), how can you attain His Spirit (that which is unseen)?
Book of Knowledge Ch 2
The Three in One or Triangle 2. I'hua'Mazda said unto Zarathustra: Thus are the created creations; thus were the created creations; thus shall ever be the created creations. The Light of all light is Ormazd; He the Soul of all souls.
These are the things seen and things unseen, created by Ormazd, thy Creator: Mi, the Almighty Mother: Then is Voice, the Expression of things, the All Speech, the All Communion, created by Ormazd, thy Creator, and by Mi, the Almighty Mother, a virgin never before conceived, and this was Vivanho, the Son.
3. I'hua'Mazda said to Zarathustra, the All Pure: Behold me, O thou, Zarathustra! Here I make one straight line; and now I make another straight line, and now another, all joined.
4. Then Zarathustra answered, saying: Thou hast made a triangle: What is the meaning, O I'hua'Mazda? Then answered I'hua'Mazda, saying: Three in one, O Zarathustra: Father, Mother, and Son; Ormazd, the ghost of all things; Mi, the seen and unseen, and Vivanho, the expression of things.
5. I'hua'Mazda said unto Zarathustra: These three comprise all things; and all things are but one; nor were there more, nor shall ever be. Nevertheless, O my son, each of these hath a million parts, a thousand million parts, ten hundred thousand million parts. And every part is like unto the whole; thou, O Zarathustra, also. For thou hast within thyself those three attributes, and no more. And each and all created things have these three attributes in them. Thus Ormazd created all the living creation; brothers and sisters created He them, in likeness of himself, with three entities embraced in one; which are, first, the ghost, the soul, which is incomprehensible; second, the beast, the figure, the person, which is called individual; and, third, the expression, to receive and impart.
6. I'hua'Mazda said unto Zarathustra, the All Pure: To receive
[negative] and to impart [positive]; what else hath man; what more desireth he?
Book Of God’s Word Ch X, Cotemporaneous with Fragapatti and Zarathustra 7050 BC
The universe is expanding, the vacuum is contracting to infinity and all of Reality emerged from a feedback of expansion-contraction.
The expansion part is the radiative part of the universe; what we see as reality. The unseen contracting part is the vacuum energy curving space-time into it, generating singularity, generating the gravitational field.
But if the structure of the contractive part of the vacuum is understood then is understood the geometry of the foundation of creation, ie, that which holds things together. The deeper within we go the more radiance occurs because of the feedback relationship between inner and outer.
Contemplating a bindu (point, singularity or inqua) evokes a continuous reflection between receiving and imparting, what’s coming in and what’s going out, establishing a boundary between self and infinity
Nassim Haramein
5. Because of My presence I quickened into life all that live, or ever have lived.
6. Because I am male and female, even in My likeness, I made them thus. Because I am the power to quicken into life, so, in likeness of Me, I made them with power to bring forth.
Book of Jehovih Ch 5
["I am male and female" meaning two in One primary, united person, not two parts. But the mystery of creation is how One (keynote) All-Person becomes Two, and thereby, simultaneously perhaps, the infinite many; and whether the person and body can ever be the same.]

A circle (father, 360 deg) can be drawn with one continuous line
A triangle (son, 180 deg) can be drawn with one continuous line
A 4 cornered square (mother, 360 deg) can be drawn with one continuous line

A 5 pointed star can be drawn with one continuous line
A 6 pointed star can only be formed by overlapping two triangles
A 7 pointed star can be drawn with one continuous line

In You, Jehovih, I will have faith. In You only. Emeth (Faith) shall be my name, the foundation of my soul.

Emethachavah, M’git’ow (Dawn) 19
In Judaic tradition the word Emet (truth) is "the seal of God". Emeth consists of three letters, alef (first letter of the Hebrew alphabet), mem (middle), and tau (last). I am the first, and I am the last, and beside Me there is no God (Isa. XLIV, 6). It carries the same connotation as Alpha and Omega (First and Last). It is one of the names of God.

Emeth consists of three letters, alef, mem  and tau

"Emeth", written in Proto-Canaanite (top), Phoenician, Aramaic and Hebrew (bottom), that is, from earliest to latest script, respectively.
These all have a 22 letter alphabet originating from Proto-Canaanite. The same three letters shown are, read from right to left, alef, mem and tau.
Emet (also EMeTh) comes from a verb (aman) that means to "support" or "make firm."
Amen comes from this root. "One like the Son of Man" is called "the Amen, the faithful and true witness" (Rev. 3:14).
YHWH is Al De'ot, All Knowledge”, Al Amth or Emeth "All Truth", and Aur (Is. 9:2) the Light of All True Knowledge.

1) Abraham made the rab‘bahs officers in the rites of Emethachavah (Order of Faithists) and communicated the sacred name of the Creator (E-O-Ih) ...
2) The light of Jehovih came upon Moses, and the books of the ancients were opened before him. And he administered Emethachavah upon them; by the voice of Jehovih he re-established it; with all the rites and ceremonies as they are to this day.
3) God said: These were my doctrines, as I taught through Joshu ...

Preserve the sacred days of the rab‘bahs; and the rites and ceremonies of emethachavah.
Eskra Ch 44.28
Maat was the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. She represented the Logos, and preventing the universe from returning to chaos. Her feather (right) was the measure that determined whether the souls of the departed (considered to reside in the heart), who would be weighed on the scales, would reach the paradise of afterlife.
The Gankyil Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, is the self-perfected indivisibility of the primordial state, so it has a non-dual symbol. The Gankyil [right] or ‘Wheel of Joy’ is symbolic of primordial energy and represents the central unity (inseparability), interdependence and indivisibility of all the teaching, philosophical and doctrinal triune of Dzogchen. The structure of Dzogchen teachings is always in groups of three – such as base, path and fruit – but although they are divided in this way their indivisibility is emphasised by symbols such as the ga’kyil.

All appearances and phenomena are a dream or thoughtform, inter- and intra- reflecting and refracting jewels and mirrors of possibility and potentiality, "arising in relationships" or "dependent co-arising". The dream of life and nightly dreams are not dissimilar, and that in their quintessential nature are non-dual. The non-essential difference between the dreaming state and waking experience is that the latter is generally more concrete and linked with attachments, samskara and skanda; whereas dreaming is ephemeral and transient. Progressing the sadhana may be likened to living the scientific hypothesis of a resolved superposition. The resolved superposition being a mindstream conflation of Dharmakaya with Shunyata and Indra's Net. The entwined Mantrayana lineages of Nyingmapa, Bonpo, Ngagpa and Mahasiddha are saturated with trance and dream transmissions of teachings that transcend constructs of time, place and space (called "whispered traditions").
Contemporary Dzogchen teachers Namkhai Norbu, Lopön Tenzin Namdak and Tenzin Wangyal

Imagine a multidimensional spider's web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum. That is the Buddhist conception of the universe in an image.

Alan Watts

In an organism the whole precedes the parts. The parts are only parts of a whole. Every part is thought as owing its presence to the agency of all the remaining parts, and also as existing for the sake of the others and of the whole.


In organic being, first the form as a whole strikes us, then its parts and their shape and combination.


Zeitgeist, the idea that society consisted of a collective consciousness which moved in a distinct direction

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
The parts of an organism, such as cells, simultaneously exist to sustain the whole, and depend upon the whole for their own existence and functioning.
Immanuel Kant
For a basis to reason from, consider the etherean, the atmospherean and the corporeal worlds to constitute His body; and the motion therein and thereof, the manifestations of His Power and Wisdom. Since we ourselves have these things in part, we find we have another attribute embracing all the others, which is combination concentrated into one person. Then we give to Him, who embraces all things within Himself, combination concentrated into one person, otherwise, He is our inferior, which cannot be.
Fragapatti, Orian Chief, Son of Jehovih

When I consider the vastness of the world, the most important factor is that this existence-in-itself, of which the world is the manifestation, cannot, whatever it may be, have its true self spread out and dispersed in this fashion in boundless space, but that this endless extension belongs only to its manifestation, while existence-in-itself, on the contrary, is present entire and undivided in everything in nature and in everything that lives.

Arthur Schopenhauer

cropCircleTri He is Ever Present, and thus answers the prayer of the soul of man ...
But he who has attained to understand that all things are really one harmonious whole, has also attained to know what is meant by the term, All Person, for He is All; and, consequently, Ever Present, filling all, extending everywhere ...
You Ever Present! I will immerse my soul in the harmony of Your loves! You, the Fountain and Source of my contemplation ...
Jehovih is Ever Present, and does by virtue of His Presence, and not by any law ...
Man inquires of the earth, the rocks, the air, and of all things: Who is this Life? This Omnipresent, quickening into life all the living? But none can answer him. Then man inquires of LIFE: Who are You, O Life? And the answer comes to the soul of man: I Am Life! I Am the I Am! I Am the Ever Present! All that you see in earth or heaven, and even the unseen worlds also, are My very Person! I am the Whole!


Hypostatic union: two realities (or natures) in one person.

Three Hypostases in one Ousia.

Cappadocian Fathers

Tertullian used the words Trinity, person and substance to explain that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are "one in essence" – not "one in Person".

Besides all individual men there is a certain conception of man ... uncreated and imperishable. And in the same way as many impressions are made of one seal, and many images of one man, so from each single idea of the objects of sense a multitude of individual natures are formed, from the idea of man all men, and in like manner in the case of all other things in nature. Also the idea is an eternal essence, cause, and principle, making each thing to be of a character such as its own.

Arius Didymus in "Concerning the Opinions of Plato", first century BC

Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another.


We are a part of Nature as a whole whose order we follow.


The body works like a machine, that it has the material properties of extension and motion, and that it follows the laws of physics. The mind (or soul), on the other hand, is described as a nonmaterial entity that lacks extension and motion, and does not follow the laws of physics. This form of duality proposes that the mind controls the body, but that the body can also influence the otherwise rational mind, such as when people act out of passion.

René Descartes

"To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, Holding infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour."

William Blake
vector equilibrium "Equilibrium between positive and negative is zero. The vector equilibrium is the true zero reference of energetic mathematics. Zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium is the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity and God; the zero phase of conceptual integrity inherent in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness.
Energy meridians of an organic body transport energy in order to achieve a return to singular harmonic unity. The vector equilibrium represents the balanced energetic bodies. Vectors represent the energetic meridians, and equilibrium is the balance strived for by the energy which is inherently intelligent, resilient, and desiring spiritual fulfilment to be balanced. Vector equilibrium is a balanced destination of the Spirits devotional noble pursuit. Vector equilibrium is the anywhere, anywhen, eternally regenerative event inceptioning an evolutionary accommodation, and will never be seen by man in any physical experience, yet it is the frame of evolvement. It is not in rotation. It is sizeless and timeless. Its mathematics deals discreetly with cordal lengths, the radial vectors and circumferential vectors are the same size. Vector equilibrium is never found symmetrical in nature as crystallography. Ever pulsative and impulsive, nature never pauses her cycling at equilibrium. She refuses to get caught irrecoverably at the zero phase of energy. Everything that we know as reality has to be either the positive or a negative aspect of omni pulsative physical universe. Therefore there will always be positive and negative sets that are ever interchangeably inter-transformative with uniquely differential characteristics."
Buckminster Fuller
Space is not empty, but full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum. The Universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy, but a ripple on its surface ...
On this stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices, ripples, waves, splashes, etc., which have no independent existence as such.
Rather, they are abstracted from the flowing movement, arising and vanishing in the total process of the flow. Such transitory subsistence as may be possessed by these abstracted forms implies only a relative independence or autonomy of behaviour, rather than absolutely independent existence as ultimate substances.
Theories are forms of insight that arise in our attempts to obtain a perception of a deeper nature of reality as a whole.
The thing in itself is the whole of existence, conceived of not as a collection of parts but as an undivided movement.
Total content, in principle extending over the whole of space and time, is enfolded in the movement of waves (electromagnetic and other kinds) in any given region.
The Implicate Order where "everything is enfolded into everything" contrast to the explicate order where things are unfolded ...
The totality of the movement of enfoldment and unfoldment may go immensely beyond what has revealed itself ...
This immense background of energy at depths of all existence is likened to one whole and unbroken movement called the "holomovement." It carries the Implicate Order.
The 'order in every perceptible aspect of the world comes out of a more comprehensive Implicate Order, in which all aspects ultimately merge in the undefinable and immeasurable holomovement ... What emerges from this "unknown totality of the universal flux is the flow of matter, manifested and interdependent, towards consciousness.
David Bohm
Fractality, or self similarity, idealised by the golden mean ratio is the mechanism behind all centripetal forces (gravity, color, perception, bliss and life force etc.)
Dan Winter
We have to derive our spirituality (religion) from a sense of Unity, as opposed to separateness
There are vibrations of different universes in this room which we no longer cohere, vibrate, or are in tune with. ‘Our’ universe is in tune to only ‘one’ of these frequencies. This is the modern interpretation of Quantum theory, that “many worlds represents reality”.
Michio Kaku

qq [edit] Beriya "World of Creation": At this stage the real-estate agent will take everything the man told him about what kind of house he wants. He will take these words of the original guy and translate them into things that can exist in a home. For instance, if the person said he wants a home where he can swim, the real-estate agent might translate that into him having a pool, or having a beach-home. This translations process is called the masach (screen)which carries across all the upper desires and connects them to things in the real world. Real estate agent must pull out from those words what this guy really wants and how to find a house that will accomplish his goal. To translate what this guy wants to get out of a house and make it into a picture of an actual house. What he creates is the world of Beriyah. He must figure out all the different scenarios that would have all the elements with the best combination=Beriya. The real-estate broker need not do this, this technically could also be done within the person's self. [edit] Yetzirah "World of Formation": Main article: Yetzirah Now someone must figure out exact dimensions for each of these things, its shape, what it will be constructed out of. Will it be made of brick, limestone, wood or something else. Someone must look at the person's style, needs and desires. For instance if they intend to have parties, they should probably have a hardwood floor instead of carpet. Someone at this stage figures out the exact shape, size of the house and its location and then creates a floorplan. [edit] Asiyah Ruchnis "Spiritual World of Action": Now this plan must go to the builders. The builders must look at the blueprint and figure out how to actually build a house like this. Sometimes a certain type of house can be drawn up in Yetzira but in real life wouldn't hold up or would be impracticable. These builder must figure out how to pour the cement, how to make it strong, and figure out where they will we get the furniture to actually make something like that. They must study the blueprint and figure out how to make something that will work. [edit] Asiyah Gashmis "Physical World of Action": The builders actually pour the cement or whatever and build the physical structure and everything in the house. Now the man can go live in the house and enjoy and express himself in fulfillment of his original desire which started this entire process in the Infinite Light before the Contraction.
Jehovih Es ( essence; ousia, in Greek) Corpor
The All Knowlege, All Highest Light, All Person The Unseen World, testimony of angels, also spirit Whatever has length, breadth and thickness
Ormazd, the ghost of all things Mi, a virgin never before conceived, the seen and unseen Vivanho, the expression of things.
Creator Almighty Mother Voice, All Speech, All Communion
Jehovih was the Unseen, which is spirit and the Seen, which is His Person and body By being in mastery over His Person, Jehovih created countless worlds
Father Mother Son
All was All is All ever shall be
Spirit Sky Earth
Love Wisdom Power
All Love All Symmetry All Harmony
Music (Apollo) Symmetry Harmony
Ghost, the soul, which is incomprehensible Beast, the figure, the person, which is called individual Expression, to receive and impart
Great Spirit First Last
Creator Quickener, Mover Destroyer
Life, Motion, Individual, Person Unseen, which is Potent Seen, which of itself is Impotent
Soul of all Esak - the kosmos, the all world
The 'sun, moon, earth, stars and all the skies' (Panic)
Oh'm - skies, (Poit); Jagat (Sanscrit)
All Motion was his speech
All that is seen is of my person and my body.
Eolin Es Corpor (matter, loose material)
Soul-light, Eolin Corporeal light, the Sun The burning flame
  The three great lights  
Or, the All Highest God, son of Or Lord (Adonya), executor of heaven and earth
  The three less lights  
God's angels and lords The prophets The rab'bahs
  The Sign of Jehovih Eloih
Circle True equal length Cross Leaf of life
  The Circle, twice cut called E-O-IH  
O - without beginning or end
which contained all within it
E - line cutting from east to west
represents the light of the east traveling to the west
Ih - line from below upward, represents one road of all things, from bottom upward forever;
unseen shaft that cuts all things in two.
The unseen spoke in the wind three sounds E-O-IH, the sacred letters and was called by mortals Eolin, God of the wind
E, in the leaves the wind said Ee Oh, in the ocean surge and in the thunder above Ih, in the winter‘s shrill whistle
Eolin showed Himself in Three Sacred Colors
(compare with Light)
Eolin said:
Out of My three sounds, all sounds are made
Out of My three colors, all colors are made
Yellow, the highest color Blue, the coldest color Red, the warmest color
Eolin said: Three worlds I have made  
All high heavens, for pure and wise angels Intermediate world, which rests on the earth Earth world, which is for mortals
Es I divided into two parts Three kinds of worlds (great estates) etherea and the other atmospherea
etherean worlds atmospherean worlds corporeal worlds
Atmospherean and etherean worlds have various densities Three degrees of density of atmospherean worlds Atmospherean worlds created without fixed form, in the process of condensation or dissolution, intermediate between etherean and corporeal worlds.
Ji‘ay A‘ji Nebulae
Eolin said: Three lights I have created
Sun, to rule the day Moon, to rule the night Burning fire, for the use of man
  Three spirit lights I created
Ruch, issues out of My soul Shem, from My Lords in heaven to men's souls Vas, which comes from the spirits of the intermediate world
Eolin said: I am in three states Such am I, Eolin, Mightiest in three, in All Place and All Time
Ghost, which is ever-present and unchangeablet Motion, which is everlasting unrest Corpor, which is in places, like the earth, stars, sun and moon
  Names of the Creator EOLIN in the south
JEHOVIH in the east ELOIH in the west ELOHIM in the north
  The trident The Three Lights
Jehovih His Son, God Star in the mortal soul, emblem of resurrection
Three within one Inqua A thing within a thing
The soul that is in es The es that is in corpor The earth within the vortex
Compare Inqua to Plato's two concentric spheres that comprise existence, permeated and bounded by soul (third invisible concentric sphere, encompassing All and interpenetrates to the heart of corpor) In Gnostic terms, a transition from the noumenal to the sensible, brought about by a flaw, a passion, or a sin.
Osire gave Three figures Zodiac is called the signs of the seasons
The signs of seasons to represent the Creator in all the living The sign of the sun, with motion and all life coming forth The hand of man
I‘hua‘Mazda made Three marks which embrace all the created creation (comparable to yin and yang symbol)
circle four dark corners in it, oppose Truth, Anra‘mainyus cross, the name of All Good, Fate
Existence (invisible, soul) Same (visible, heaven, macrocosm) Different (sensible, corpor, microcosm, finite)
circle cross triangle
circle, Father square, Mother triangle, Son
positive negative balance
mental emotional will-power
Voidness Vachis (speech) Vachis vach, and the world was;
Visvasrij (law, or natural law)
Voidness unseen seen world
Hirto, Son of Neph, born of an egg descended out of the highest heaven in deference to Om smote against the rocks of heaven one-half of the shell ascended other half became the foundation of the world
Creator Virgin Mi, Spouse
Mother of Holy Begotten.
Holy Begotten Son (Apollo)
Ormazd I'hua'Mazda, Only Begotten Son Zarathustra
Yeshuah - place of salvation, also, of passionless birth
Iesu, signifying "without evil", which is the ultimate salvation of the soul.
In Exodus 14:13 Yeshuah = salvation [#3444] uses the feminine noun form, similar to Holy spirit, to indicate submission to the father's will.
The name Jesus, Yeshuah, Iesu, Joshua, Iesu, ieue [Greek: Yesous (Strong's #2424); English: Jesus]
Mortals thick in tongue could not say Yeshuah, and they said I-E-Su, from which came the name of many men.
Zeus is pronounced Dzyooce, in Greek, while Jesus is ee-sous
There is a Greek, Latin and Hebrew inscription in John 19:20 as proof of the use of these languages in that time
Greek doesn't have Y or sh. These were transliterated from Hebrew to Greek as I and s; u became ou. The Ah sound was not vocalised because its not allowable for masculine names to end with a vowel. S was added to denote masculine. Thus Yeshuah becomes Iesous (pronounced Yesous in Greek) Iesus in Latin. Transliterated into English as Jesus, without correcting the s back to sh, and the end s back to a. J was pronounced like Y in Old English, There is no J sound in Hebrew. So Yesous (Jesus) originally was pronounced Yeshu
Jehovih God, Jehovih's son Joshu (Yeshu) of Nazareth, a prophet of Jehovih; stoned to death; a Yeshuah
Based on the four letter Tetragrammaton י ה ו ה (Yod Hei Vav Hei) A possible Name of the Creator Je-Ho-Vih
י ה ו
This name of God is said to be pronounced
Je becomes Ye (the letter Yod י) like E Ho becomes the letter Hei ה, like Oh Vih becomes Weh (the letter Vav ו) like Ih
Big Bang Radiation (half of the shell) Matter (other half)
Energy movement mass
field, reality wave particle  
Linear Electrical Anchoring
Proton Electron Neutron
Sound Energy Matter
  Bohm's three Implicate Order categories  
The original, "continuous field" itself along with its movement Superquantum wave function acting upon the field.
A "superfield" that guides and organises the original quantum field
Player supplied information by an underlying cosmic intelligence
  Nassim Haramein  
singularity internal, contraction, generation external, expansion, radiation, dissipation
  Electric Universe Model  
magnetic field motion conductor
  Walter Russell  
Magnetism is the exhalation, the radiative reaction Electricity is the inhalation, the generative action
Each other's opposite bore its mate negative electricity discharges. It is state when magnetism dominates electricity positive electricity charges, it is the state of motion when electricity dominates magnetism
each interchange until one becomes the other negative electricity produces radiation by expansion positive electricity produces gravity by compression
  magnetism repellant or seperative force of disintergrating matter electricity attractive force of intergrating matter
magnetism, expelled by electricity in a charging system, entered system as +ve electricity, and became devitalised into -ve electricity by nucleal absorption of its +ve charge -ve electricity exothermic expansive force absorbing smaller quantity of energy (expelling greater number, devitalised into magnetic emanations), lowering its potential +ve electricity endothermic contractive force absorbing energy (expelling smaller number, devitalised into magnetic emanations), raising its potential
  magnetic attraction is voidance  
  magnetism is an effect of electricity which works in opposition to it  
  Viktor Schauberger  
  Ancient Egyptian  
Amun (That which is hidden) Naun (initial waters; inertia Heh (spatial infinity)
Demiurge Ogdoad made a germ from their seed, and instilled it in the lotus sacred child who issues forth from a lotus in the middle of the Nun
Primordial Eight (the Ogdoad) seething primal cradle Nun Ra, the principle of light, born of a primordial lotus
  Jewish The Hebrew alphabet is a stylized form of the Aramaic alphabet
YHWH (the only "name of God") Emet — "Truth" (a lesser used name of God) Elohim (God), El (mighty one), Adonai (master) are not names, but titles, aspects
Emet, truth Din, law, justice (balance)
(3 legs of the tripod that sustains the world)
Shalom, peace
The Sages of the Talmud called emet
The “seal of God.”
The Three Sacred Letters of Emet
The Rabbis said
emet is the beginning, the middle and the end of all things
The Zohar states:
"Tau makes an impression (faith) on the Ancient of Days [sublime pleasure innate within the "crown" (Will) of Divine Emanation].
alef Alef
(first letter of Hebrew alphabet [alef-beit])
Glyphs shown are in Proto-Canaanite script
mem Mem
(middle letter); water
tau Tau
(Tav, final letter, corresponds to malchut) The shape of Tau ת comprises ד Daleth and נ Nun. The letters דנ Daleth-Nun spell ‘Dan’ in Hebrew. ‘Dan’ means judgment. Tau is judgment, a completion, a seal (impression).
active   passive
  Jewish Kabbala Like the aeons of Sethians, the attributes of God are indiscernible when not abstracted from their origin.
Ein Sof, The Limitless, Infinite Divine reality Ohr, primordial "Infinite Light" Ma'ohr, the "luminary"
Kli, the spiritual "vessel" for the light
Divine essence (Ein Sof)
"For I, the Eternal, I have not changed"
Divine light
(Ohr Ein Sof, then the 10 Sephirot emanations)
Creation "arose in the Divine Will" and was not impelled. The emanation of Creation fills no lack in the perfection of God.
Two metaphors describing
Ein Sof (Divine essence)
Light (Ohr) illumination; immediate transmission and constant connection with its source; Light can be veiled and reflected . White light divides into colours, yet this plurality unites from one source. Divine light divides into emotional Sephirot, but no plurality in the Divine essence; emanations remain united and nullified to their source Soul mirrors the Divine; God created man in His own image, male and female; All creations are reflections of their lifesource in the sephirot; Sephirot related to the structure of the body and are reformed into Partsufim (Personas)
Ein Sof - Revealed his Will through 10 attributes/emanations (Sephirot, enumerations), which allow Creation to know him
There is "none besides for Him"
(Deuteronomy 4:35)
Seder hishtalshelus (chain of higher metaphysical realms, order of development, or order of evolution refering to the progression God from His Self to the creation of the physical world.
Brings a person to a complete heart. But in truth G-d is relating to us directly. Like two people talking on a phone, the stages in between are irrelevant and transparent
Physical realm
  Stations of Seder hishtalshelus  
Atzmus Ohr Ein Sof

(Essence of Infinite Light before Contraction)
before the Tzimtzum (without desire)

Upper Unity

Tzimtzum (Contraction) - Subsconscious will to self express by external (indirect) means
Reshimu (Impression) - notion, impression of self expression through which the person can be comprehended.
Kav (Line of Light; measuring Line) - connects the Tzimtzum and Reshimu; free choice, judgement, expressing essence, defining uniqueness; ability to control outcome with free choice defines a person
Ratzon Kadom (Original Desire, Lower Purity) outgoing desire for independence and belonging; wanting a sense of contentment and feeling of being at "home", without knowing how this will be fulfilled
Adam Kadmon (Original Man) - looks outside; creates a world image and finds a place in it, and a dwelling according to particular needs based on world view and self knowing; includes all details of levels below

Lower Unity

The four worlds relate to the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) in two ways:
The whole tree is contained in each of the four worlds, and are described one on top of another by a diagram called Jacob's Ladder.
Secondly, the Tree of Life can be subdivided into four horizontal sections, each representing one of the four worlds.
Each of the ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life also contains a whole tree inside itself, so the "whole is in the part". The realm of Atziluth is related to the top three Sephirot of the Kabbalah

- Keter of Atzilut (Crown of the World of Emanation) - Pleasure in knowing this will express who he is
Atziluth (World of Emanation or Causes)
Expression in a dwelling. Chochma (wisdom) of Aztilus abstract need. Binah (understanding) - warmth, place, practical availability Each of the Sephiroth in this world is associated with a Name of God, and it is associated with the Suite of Wands in the Tarot. Realm of pure divinity. [edit] Origins The word is derived from "atzal" in reference to Numbers 11:17; and in this sense it was taken over into the Kabbalah from Solomon ibn Gabirol's Me?or ?ayyim (The Fountain of Life), which was much used by Kabbalists. The theory of emanation, which is conceived as a free act of the will of God, endeavors to surmount the difficulties that attach to the idea of creation in its relation to God. These difficulties are threefold: 1.the act of creation involves a change in the unchangeable being of God; is incomprehensible how the absolutely infinite and perfect being could have produced such imperfect and finite beings; 3.a creatio ex nihilo is difficult to imagine. The simile used for the emanation is either the soaked sponge that emits spontaneously the water it has absorbed, or the gushing spring that overflows, or the sunlight that sends forth its rays—parts of its own essence—everywhere, without losing any portion, however infinitesimal, of its being. Since it was the last-named simile that chiefly occupied and influenced the Kabbalistic writers, Atziluth must properly be taken to mean "eradiation" (compare Zohar, Exodus Yitro, 86b). Later on the expression "Atziluth" assumed a more specific meaning, influenced no doubt by the little work, Maseket Atzilut. Herein for the first time (following Isaiah 43:7: "I have created"; "I have formed"; "I have made"), the four worlds are distinguished: Atziluth, Beri'ah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. But here too they are transferred to the region of spirits and angels: In the Atzilah-world the Shekinah alone rules; in the Beri'ah-world are the throne of God and the souls of the just under the dominion of Akatriel ("Crown of God"); in the Yetzirah-world are the "holy creatures" (?ayyot) of Ezekiel's vision, and the ten classes of angels ruled over by Metatron; and in the Assiah-world are the Ofanim, and the angels that combat evil, governed by Sandalphon. The Zohar apparently did not know of this fourfold world; for there Atziluth is taken to be simply the direct emanation of God, in contradistinction to the other emanations derived from the Sephirot. Moses Cordovero and Isaac Luria (sixteenth century) were the first to introduce the fourfold world as an essential principle into Kabbalistic speculation. According to this doctrine, the Atzilah-world represents the ten Sephirot; the Beriah-world (world of creation) the throne of God, emanating from the light of the Sephirot; the Yezirah-world (world of becoming) the ten classes of angels, forming the halls for the Sephirot; and the Assiah-world (world of making, that is, of form) the different heavens and the material world. In contradistinction to the Atzilah-world, which constitutes the domain of the Sephirot, the three other worlds are called by the general name "Pirud". Later Kabbalists explain "Atziluth" (according to Exodus 24:11, and Isaiah 41:9) as meaning "excellence," so that according to them the Atzilah-world would mean the most excellent or highest world Masach (Curtain)
Beriya (World of Creation)
Yetzira (World of Formation)
Asiya (World of Action)

Endless light (absolute void; impulse (breath) matrix; constraint (contained); boundary; sephiroth
כתר Kether First sephirah describes Divine Will above intellect Next sephirot describe conscious Divine Intellect Latter sephirot describe the primary and secondary conscious Divine Emotions
Female Divine Presence (Shechinah) female principle describes a vessel that receives the outward male light, then inwardly nurtures and gives birth to lower sephirot The multiplicity of revealed emanations only applies from the persective of the Creation, and not from the perspective of the infinite Divine essence
Keter, Divine Will to create/Infinite Light of the Creator; Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh - I am That I am Creation is formed from the metaphorical speech of God  
Above-consciousness Conscious intellect Conscious emotions
Keter, Crown, will/Daat, Knowledge, central unity of Sephirot, also called the Tree of Life. Binah, infinite flash brought into the vessel of understanding to give it grasp of breadth and depth
feminine vessel that gives birth to the emotions/reason/understanding
Chochmah, Wisdom, unbounded flash of an idea before it takes on limitations
male light, Divine Reality, first revelation, creation from nothingness
Soul that embodies perfect balance (justice) receives the Crown of Life (mark, Tau; related with כתר Kether)    
soul prior to entering this world united into one being female male
Upon descent earth the sexes separate into two bodies Holy One, who knows all souls and spirits, unites them again in marriage They again constitute one body and soul; right and left of one individual
Two primal sources of "living water" Eyn Sof from Keter (Crown) flows freely Yesod, subjected to laws and limits based on righteousness
The three spheres Kether, Chokmah and Binah are The "holy trinity" of Kabbalah They are considered to be wholly spiritual in nature and are separated from the rest of the tree by a region of reality called the Abyss
Kether, Central column, the "Pillar of Mildness"; Aleph, air, balance; spinal column Binah, Left column, "Pillar of Severity"; Mem, water, female aspect Chokhmah, right column, "Pillar of Mercy"; Shin, fire, male aspect
Adam of Light, primordial Purusha, Adi-Buddha, or "cosmic Buddha" of the Kalacakra teachings or "Grand Man" Shekinah  
"The Man" or Logos Om, the Silence, the self-generative 'Forethought' (Barbelo), spouse of the Unbegotten Father (Gnosticism), "the Jewel in the Lotus", Buddha essence, Son of Man
Creator Spiritus (Creator Spirit) from which proceeds everything that exists faith in creative reason (logos) manifested as love world comes from reason, and is, as a consequence, its criterion and goal
Father, God, unbegotten
(infinite, primordial origin)
Holy Spirit (giver of life) Son
God and the Logos are same being but not identical John Chapter 1 Jesus is God in the sense that his self-revelation (Light) and redemption (Life) can be present and knowable in man
Word was God [this can be translated as Word was a God] The Word (Logos) Word was with God
(paradox of God distinguishable from Logos)
God as he is God as he is revealed God as he acts
God conceived apart from his revelatory action; reality in one Person I and the Father are one The Father is greater than I
creation revelation redemption
  An Oahspean Interpretation
Jehovih said: I am the Light and the Life; behold Me, I am Ormazd. When I shape My thoughts into words, behold, I am I'hua'Mazda; I am the word. When the words of My kingdom are registered with mortals, behold Me; I am the Zarathustrian law. I am three in one.
Christ (meaning "Knowlege")
Assumed name of a Hadan (lower) God
Iesu, the ideal, perfect man; a concept
The words of Joshu (Yeshu) were used as part of the concept of Jesus (Yesous, Iesu, Joshua, Yeshuah)
Yohannas (John) of Heleste (Asia Minor, country of Paul), savior crucified on the cross (~200 BC)
Since God cannot come into contact with matter, an agent, the logos was necessary Logos
Logos, source and fundamental order of the cosmos; all things come to be in accordance with this; distinguishing by each in accordance with its nature; therefore it is necessary to follow what is common, all things are one, but individuals imagine their own private understanding (Heraclitus 535–475 BC); seminal logos, (logos spermatikos) or the law of generation in the universe; principle of the active reason working in inanimate matter, humans each possessing a portion of the divine logos (Stoic) Creative principle, divine wisdom; image of God (after which the human mind was made); archangel of many names, name of God, heavenly Adam, "man, the word of the eternal God", expiator of sins, mediator and advocate for men; first-born and the eldest and chief of the angels; Logos of the living God is the bond of every thing, holds all things together, and binds all the parts, and prevents them from being loosened or separated [which is echoed by Colossians 1:17] (Philo) Divine active reason pervading the universe and animating it, conceived of as material, identified with God or Nature (Stoic)
perfect idea Intermediary between God and the world through which all things are made (Gospel of John) imperfect matter
Maker of all things Jesus, Logos, Word of God, Angel of the Lord, worthy of worship second to God (Justin Martyr, 150 AD) Logos took human form in Jesus to teach the truth and to redeem humanity (Justin Martyr)
  Carl Jung  
logos is the masculine principle of rationality and consciousness female counterpart, eros (Greek, love), represents interconnectedness  
Humanity, or self, translated in Greek as Anthropos, future human, offspring of Mankind, or Man's child Son of man (or "son of Adam") Sometimes refers to a heavenly figure that is to come
Caiaphas (will) Pilate (intellect) Judas (desire)
  Arian, non-Trinitarian
(the Son is not elevated to be God the Creator)
  being, attribute, nature, substantia [Latin fathers] Son of God, a created being, a creature
homoousios (same, essence, being) ousia homoiousios (of like substance)
  Theophilus of Antioch, regarding 'types of the Trinity'
(first recorded use of "Trinity" in about 170AD)
God His Word His wisdom
  Trinitarian (the Son is not elevated to be God the Creator)  
God the Father God the Holy Spirit God the Son, uncreated
hypostasis, existence, objective inner reality form Phylum, ousia, individual things or beings
hypostasis "that which stands beneath"; persona, Pneuma outer form; illusion
Substance, thing or being that underlies
[or stands (stance) under(sub)]
Logos (divine word) possessing all inherent, ineffable perfections attributed to the Supreme Being. Son
Yahweh begotten Son The creation made via Son
Being, Supreme Being Spirit, thoughts of God, Holy Spirit  
The Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic
The Gnostics denied a real incarnation of Christ
despite John 1:14 - "the Word became flesh"
Gnostic salvation is the return of all things to what they were before the flaw in the sphere of the Æons brought matter into existence and imprisoned some part of the Divine Light into the evil Hyle (matter).
  A Valentinian Exposition
The Father, that is the root of All, the ineffable One who dwells in the Monad. He dwells alone in silence, and silence is tranquillity, since after all he was a Monad, and no one was before Him. He dwells in the Dyad, and in the Pair, and his Pair is silence. All Dwelling within Him. God came forth: the Son, mind of the All that is, it is from the Root of the All that even His thought stems, since he had the Son in mind
'The eternal unborn, infinite, everlasting "Father of the Universe" looks to every direction and confronts His own unbegotten existence, his ineffable joy, light and rest, His All Perfect reflection, as in a mirror, and knows Himself. Embracing all mind, thought, reflection, rationality and power equally, (born of the foreknowledge of "Unbegotten"), the beginning (principle) of that Light became Immortal Man, Self-Father and begetter, androgynous, comprising of the male who is Begotten, Perfect (Mind), and the female of whom is All Wisdom, Sophia, the begettress. She is uncontested Truth, for below Her Aon, 'error' contests with 'truth'. He becomes the beginning and principle of what is visible, and decides to have his likeness to become a Great Power. This self perfected First Man reflected with Great Sophia, His Consort, and revealed His first begotten Son, named 'Son of Man', or 'Son of God'
Androgynous Son of Man (Christ), Saviour Pistis Sophia, Mother of the Universe, called Love (His female name) Great Androgynous Light His kingdom is full of shining ineffable light and joy, imperishable glory and measureless jubilation
  On the Origin of the World
After the natural structure of the Immortal beings developed out of infinite time Pistis (faith) called Sophia (wisdom) emanated a likeness It exercised volition, and manifested as a likeness of primeval light, having unimaginable magnitude; between the Immortals and those things that came into being after them. Sophia functioned as a veil dividing mankind from the things above
Eternal realm (aeon) of truth
has no shadow;
limitless light everywhere within
its exterior is shadow. From it, there appeared a force, presiding over the darkness From it, every kind of divinity sprouted up
together with the entire place.
From Pistis derived a shadow which became Yaldabaoth in the a vast watery substance of the Abyss
Shadow perceived there was
something mightier than it
Felt envy; became pregnant of its own accord Jealousy engendered
an abortion without any spirit in it
Pistis Sophia Yaldabaoth ("yalda bahut" = "son of chaos"), Ariael, craftsman, workman, Demiurge; lion-like, androgynous, ruler of Abyss, Saklas When the ruler saw his magnitude, that was himself, he supposed that it was he alone who existed. His thought was completed by verbal expression: it appeared as a spirit moving to and fro upon the waters. And when that spirit appeared, the ruler set apart the watery substance and what was dry; from matter he made himself an abode called heaven and a footstool called earth
The ruler had a thought and by means of verbal expression he created an androgyne. His father called him Eee-a-o (Iao/Yao) He created the second son. His father called him 'Eloai' He created the third son. His father called him 'Astaphaios' [Asss]. These are the three sons of their father.
Seven appeared in chaos, androgynous. They have their masculine names and their feminine names. Yaldabaoth, whose feminine name is Pronoia (Forethought) Iao/feminine name is Lordship; Sabaoth/Deity; Adonaios/Kingship; Elaios/Jealousy; Horaios [Oraios("or" = "light")]/Wealth; Astaphaios (Astaphanos)/Sophia (Wisdom).
Yaldabaoth who possessed great authorities, created heavens for each of his offspring through verbal expression In each he created thrones, mansions, temples, chariots and virgin spirits; mighty armies of gods and lords and angels and archangels - countless myriads - so that they might serve. And they were completed to as far up as the sixth heaven, namely that of Sophia. The heaven and his earth were destroyed by the troublemaker that was below them all. The forces of chaos knew who it was that had destroyed the heaven that was below them. Pistis sent forth her breath and bound him and cast him down into Tartaros. Since then the heaven, along with its earth, has consolidated itself through Sophia the daughter of Yaldabaoth, she who is below them all.
When the heavens became consolidated the prime parent became insolent He said, "There is no other God that exists apart from me." When Pistis saw the impiety of the chief ruler, she said, "You are mistaken, Samael" [blind god]
The seven authorities and their angels laid plans and came to Adam and Eve saying, "The fruit of all the trees created for you in Paradise shall be eaten; but as for the tree of knowledge, do not eat from it. If you eat, you will die." The Beast [the instructor] who is made to be the wisest of all creatures says, "Do not be afraid. In death you shall not die. For he knows that when you eat from it, your intellect will become sober and you will come to be like gods, recognizing the difference between evil and good men. It was in jealousy that he said this, so you would not eat from it." Eve had confidence in the instructor. She took its fruit and ate it; and she gave some to her husband. Then the light of knowledge shone upon them. When they clothed themselves with shame, they knew they were naked of knowledge. When they became sober, they saw they were naked and became enamored of one another. They saw that the ones who had modelled them had the form of beasts and loathed them.
  Apocryphon of John
Father, will Mother, Barbelo, thought Son, life,
The Father, the monad, above everything, total majestic perfection, pure light into which no eye can look, pure, immeasurable mind, everything exists in him, incomprehensible light, no one can know him, head of all the aeons, who gives them strength in his goodness And his thought performed a deed and she came forth. First power which was before all of them, which came forth from his mind. Forethought of the All - the perfect power which is the image of the invisible, virginal Spirit who is perfect. Glory of Barbelo, the perfect glory in the aeons, the glory of the revelation. First thought, his image; she became the womb of all, the Mother-Father, the holy Spirit, the thrice-male. Foreknowledge came forth, and it stood by the forethought; it originates from the thought of the invisible, virginal Spirit. Indestructibility, eternal life, truth.
He who looks at himself in his light which surrounds him, namely the spring of the water of life, who gazes upon his image which he sees in the spring of the Spirit, who puts his desire in his water-light which is in the spring of the pure light-water which surrounds him. He looked at Barbelo with the pure light which surrounds the invisible Spirit, and with his spark, and she conceived from him. He begot a spark of light with a light resembling blessedness. This was an only-begotten child of the Mother-Father which had come forth; it is the only offspring, the only-begotten one of the Father, the pure Light.
Because of the word (the mind), Christ the divine Autogenes created everything. The holy Spirit completed the divine Autogenes, his son. The invisible, virginal Spirit placed the divine Autogenes of truth over everything. And he subjected to him every authority, and the truth which is in him, that he may know the All. From the light, which is the Christ, through the gift of the Spirit, the four lights (understanding, grace, perception, and prudence) appeared from the divine Autogenes.
Sophia of the Epinoia (an aeon) Yaltabaoth, inherited aeon power from his mother (Sophia) The garment of darkness - the archons
The waters of the abyss which are above matter, the underside was illuminated by the image of the first, perfect Man The whole aeon of the chief archon, Yaltabaoth, trembled, and the foundations of the abyss shook. The archons (authorities) created a being according to the likeness of the perfect Man. And they called him Adam
Yaltabaoth tricked into blowing his spirit into Adam. And the power of the mother went out of Yaltabaoth into Adam. The luminous Epinoia hidden in Adam, who is called Life, was a helper, a correction of the deficiency of the mother The archons took fire and earth and water and mixed them together with the four fiery winds. And they brought Adam into the shadow of death, in order that they might form him again from the spirit which originates in matter, which is the ignorance of darkness and desire, and their counterfeit spirit. This is the tomb of the newly-formed body, the bond of forgetfulness, of separation. But the Epinoia of the light was in him.
The archons placed Adam in paradise. And the tree of their life, which is the likeness of their spirit, they placed in the midst of paradise. And they said to him, 'Eat, for their luxury is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their luxury is deception and their trees are godlessness and their fruit is deadly poison and their promise is death. The serpent taught them to eat from wickedness of begetting, lust, and destruction, that Adam might be useful to him. Its root is bitter, its branches are death, deception is in its leaves, its blossom is hate and evil, and its fruit is death and desire is its seed. The dwelling place of those who taste from it is Hades, and the darkness is their place of rest.
But the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is the Epinoia of the light, they forbade to Adam, that he see his fullness and recognize his shame. It was the savior [the instructor, or beast of 'On the Origin of the World'] who brought about that they ate. Then the Epinoia of the light hid herself in Adam. And the chief archon wanted to bring her out of his rib. But the Epinoia cannot be grasped. Although darkness pursued her, it did not catch her. And he brought out a part of Adam's power. And he made another woman, according to the likeness of the Epinoia. And he put the part into the woman. And Adam saw her and the luminous Epinoia appeared, and lifted the veil over his mind. And he became sober from the drunkenness of darkness and recognized his counter-image.
Yaltabaoth found the woman preparing herself for her husband. He was lord over her, though he did not know the mystery. He saw that Epinoia had appeared in her. He planted desire in Adam's woman, and produced, through intercourse, copies of the bodies, and inspired them with his counterfeit spirit. The soul in which the power will become stronger than the counterfeit spirit, is strong and it flees from evil and, through the intervention of the incorruptible one, it is saved, and it is taken up to the rest of the aeons." In those that the despicable spirit gained strength, he burdens the soul and draws it to the works of evil, and he casts it down into forgetfulness. And after it comes out of the body, it is handed over to the authorities, and they bind it with chains and cast it into prison, and consort with it.
The counterfeit spirit came from the Mother-Father. The Epinoia of the foreknowledge of light raised up the offspring of the perfect race and the eternal light of man. When the chief archon realized that they were exalted above him in the height, he wanted to seize their thought, not knowing that they surpassed him in thinking, and that he will not be able to seize them. The perfect Pronoia of the all, changed into her seed, for she existed first, going on every road. And she filled her face with the light of the completion of their aeon, the remembrance of the pleroma. And she went into the realm of darkness and entered into the midst of their prison, which is the prison of the body. And she said, 'He who hears, let him get up from the deep sleep.' And he wept and shed tears and said, 'Who is it that calls my name, and from where has this hope come to me, while I am in the chains of the prison? And she said, 'I am the Pronoia of the pure light; I am the thinking of the virginal Spirit, who raised you up to the honored place. Arise and remember that it is you who hearkened, and follow your root, which is I, the merciful one'. And she raised him up, and sealed him in the light of the water with five seals, in order that death might not have power over him from this time on.
The universe they symbolized by a triangle enclosed in a circle. The number three is the key to all mysteries. Hylozoistic (Greek hyle, "matter," and zoe, "life") pantheism held that the divine is one of the elements in the world whose function is to animate the other elements that constitute the world. Christian heresiologists took offense at turning their view of the serpent on its head. Ophites
Worshippers of the serpent as a symbol of gnosis, of the supreme emanation, Achamoth or Divine Wisdom (Zoe-Sophia). Sophia Achamoth or Lower Wisdom, the daughter of Higher Wisdom, became the mother of the Demiurge, said by some to be the God of the Jews

Creation began as a series of emanations:

The serpent, "the Moist Essence," of the universe without which naught of existing things, immortal or mortal, animate or inanimate, can hold together. "All things are subject to Him. He is Good and has all things in Him; He distributes beauty and bloom to all according to each one's nature, as though permeating all." Equivalent to the cosmic Akasha of the Upanishads, and Kundalini, or serpentine force in man, which when following animal impulse is the force of generation, but when applied to spiritual things makes of a man a god. It is the Waters of Great Jordan flowing downwards (the generation of men) and upwards (the generation of gods)
Bythos (Depth); Father of All (the First Man); Ennoia, the Son of Man (the Second Man) The Holy Spirit, the First Woman Water; Darkness; The Abyss; Chaos
became enamoured Of the beauty of the Holy Spirit (the First Woman) Generated from her a third male, an Incorruptible Light, called Christ
True and Holy Church - First and Second Man and Christ (right-hand birth borne upward ) Excess of impregnating light caused a drop of light to fall on the First Woman's left hand downwards into the world of matter Sophia (Wisdom) or Prunikos, an androgynous being.
Still waters were set in motion, all things rushing to embrace the Light Prunikos wantonly played with the waters, assumed to herself a body, without the protection of which the light was in danger of being completely absorbed by matter. Yet when oppressed by the grossness of her surroundings, she strove to escape the waters and ascend to her mother, the body weighed her down, and she could do no more than arch herself above the waters, constituting thus the visible heaven. In time, she freed herself from the body, and left it behind to ascend to the region above
Yaldabaoth, born to her from her contact with the waters, having in him, breath of the incorruptible light (from his mother), by means of which he works, generates from the waters a son without any mother. And this son in like manner another, until there were seven Archons in all, ruling the seven heavens; a Hebdomad which their mother completes into an Ogdoad. Yaldabaoth obtained a son out of the dregs of matter below; Ophiomorphus the serpent-formed Nous, whence come the spirit and soul, and all things of this lower world but whence came also oblivion, wickedness, jealousy, envy, and death. Yaldabaoth, stretching himself over his upper heaven, shut out from all below the knowledge that there was anything higher than himself. He cried, “I am Father and God, and above me there is none other” ...
Father Son is the Cosmic Serpent who freed Eve from the power of Hyle (Matter)
Three classes of men and three corresponding churches
First principle of nature, not a single threefold being, but three distinct substances
The Naassenes claimed to have been taught their doctrines by Mariamne (Mary), a disciple of James the Just. On one hand the name could be a blend of "Nasoraean" and "Essenes. On the other, Hippolytus associates them to Romans 1:27. The Saviour said, "Unless ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven; but even if ye drink the cup that I drink of, whither I go ye cannot come."
For every one must go to his own nature. Therefore he chose 12 apostles for the 12 tribes, and by them spoke to every tribe. So all men cannot receive the preaching of all the twelve, but each only according to his own nature
First Man, Son of Man, Protanthropos, Adamas, First fundamental principle or being before its differentiation into individuals The Son of Man; the same being after it has been individualized into existing things and thus sunk into matter The Mysteries pertained to generation. Within the seed (sperma) is the Mystery of the Logos. Restoration of the chosen seed an essential condition. For that which is born from below is fleshly, that born from above is spiritual and immortal - the divine bliss—hidden, and yet revealed; of that which was, is, and will be — the kingdom of heaven to be sought for within
primary man was, like Geryon, threefold, containing in himself the three natures to noeron, to psychikon, to choikon; and so that in Jesus the three natures were combined, and through him speak to these different classes of men. From the living waters which he supplies each absorbs that for which his nature has attraction. Chaff will be attracted to amber, iron only by a magnet. From the same water all plants can draw its special produce. The olive can draw its oil, the vine its wine, so each according to his nature attracts and imbibes a different supply from the same source
Spiritual (the Elect); few chosen members of the Naassene sect Psychic (the Called), ordinary Christians Material (the Bound), heathen captive under the dominion of matter.
The pre-existent, the Good being; without form, but the seed from which all spring Autogenes, the Logos, mediator which draws forms from above and transfers them to the world below; identified with the serpent, and with the principle of Water, who brings down the pneumatic and psychical elements, so that through him man became a living soul. Provides for the release and restoration of the higher elements enslaved under matter. "All things were made through him, and without him was made nothing." The "outpoured Chaos; destitute of forms or qualities; Esaldaios,a fiery God, the father of the idikos kosmos, supplies the fiery heat of generation. The "nothing" that was made without him is the kosmos idikos.
Rather than emphasizing a fall of human weakness in breaking God's command, Sethians emphasize a crisis of the Divine Fullness as it encounters the ignorance of matter. Sethians
Gnostic group who date their existence to before Christianity. Sethianism posits a transcendent hidden invisible God that is beyond ordinary description, much as Plato and Philo
Sethian cosmogonic myth contained in Apocryphon of John.
Adam and Eve's removal from the Archon's paradise is seen as a step towards freedom from the Archons, and the serpent in the Garden of Eden becomes a saviour rather than a 'proto-Satan'. Eating the fruit of Knowledge is the first act of human salvation from cruel, oppressive power.
existence life mind
God underwent a series of emanations, during which His essence spontaneously expanded into successive 'generations' of paired male and female beings, called 'aeons'. The first is the Barbelo, who is coactor in the emanations that follow. God and the aeons comprise the sum total of the spiritual universe, known as the Pleroma. The aeons are representative of the indiscernible attributes of God. Barbelo and the emanations may be seen as poetic devices allowing an unknowable God to be discussed The Aeon Sophia imitates God's actions in performing an emanation of her own, without approval. This results in a crisis within the Pleroma, leading to the appearance of the Yaldabaoth, a 'serpent with a lion's head', known as the demiurge, after the figure in Plato's Timaeus. This being is at first hidden by Sophia but subsequently escapes, stealing a portion of divine power from her in the process. Using this stolen power, Yaldabaoth creates a material world in imitation of the divine Pleroma. He spawns Archons, 'petty rulers' and craftsmen of the physical world. They are depicted as having the heads of animals. Some identify the Archons with the fallen angels described in the Enoch tradition in Judaic apocrypha. Events begin to cohere with the events of Genesis. As in Genesis, the demiurge declares himself to be the only god.
The demiurge creates Adam, during the process unwittingly transferring the portion of power stolen from Sophia into the first physical human body. He then creates Eve from Adam's rib, in an attempt to isolate and regain the power he has lost. By way of this he attempts to rape Eve who now contains Sophia's divine power. Some texts depict him as failing when Sophia's spirit transplants itself into the Tree of Knowledge The pair are 'tempted' by the serpent, and eat of the forbidden fruit, thereby once more regaining the power that the demiurge had stolen.
Pythagoras taught that 7 was composed of the numbers 3 and 4, explaining that "on the plane of the noumenal world, the triangle was Deity's image: Father-Mother-Son; and the Quaternary, the perfect number. Pythagorean 7 was called by the Pythogoreans the vehicle of life for it consisted of body and spirit: the body was held to consist of 4 principal elements, while the spirit was in manifestation triple, comprising the monad, intellect or reason, and mind
monad intellect or essential reason mind
Content of Divine Intellect Sophia, Truth, Glory Instability, Changeabilty, Opinion
Nous - Heaven Epinoia - Earth
"There where is the nous, lies the treasure."
Then I said to him: "Lord, when someone meets you in a Moment of Vision, is it through the soul [psyche] that they see, or is it through the spirit [pneuma]?" The Teacher answered: "It is neither through the soul nor the spirit, but the nous between the two which sees the vision..."
  soul [psyche] that they see, or is it through the spirit [pneuma]?" The Teacher answered: "It is neither through the soul nor the spirit, but the nous between the two which sees the vision
Transcendent Immaterial Reality Immaculate Mirror Emanation of Sense Experience
Dios Eros Logos
Number (Knowlege) Sound (Feeling) Letter (expression)
  Hermetica Poemander said "I am that Light, the Mind, thy God, who am before that Moist Nature that appeareth out of Darkness, and that Bright and Lightful Word from the Mind is the Son of God. That which in thee Seeth and Heareth, the Word of the Lord, and the Mind, the Father, God, Differeth not One from the Other, and the Unison of these is Life."
Hermes, Thoth (Tehuti), Mercurius or Mercury, "the first Hermes", "the great one" to whom ancient writers attribute the origin of human science and the invention of astrology and the zodiac, the great scribe who first composed books of astronomy The "second Hermes", the "Greek Logos" Hermes Trismegistus meaning the "thrice greatest Hermes" by some believed to be Adam, Seth, and Enoch who according to legend carried an emerald, upon which was recorded all of philosophy
Infinite Sight, all things were become light, sweet and delightful; But after a while there was a fearful darkness that changed into a Moist Nature, which yielded a smoke from whence proceeded an unutterable voice that seemed to have come from the Light from whence a Holy Word joined itself to Nature, and out flew the pure and unmixed Fire from the moist Nature upward on high; And the Air followed the Spirit and mounted up to Fire (from the Earth and the Water) insomuch that it seemed to hang and depend upon it. And the Earth and the Water stayed by themselves so mingled together, that the Earth could not be seen for the Water, but they were moved, because of the Spiritual Word that was carried upon them.
Archetypal Form, which was before the Interminated and Infinite Beginning By the Will and Counsel of God, taking the Word, and beholding the beautiful World (in the Archetype thereof) imitated it and so made this World, and Elements of Nature by the principles and vital Seeds or Soul-like productions of itself.
Mind being God, Male and Female, Life and Light brought forth by his Word another Mind, the Workman (separated from the Father, being in the sphere of Generation or operation) and seven Governors, which in their Circles contain the Sensible World, whose Government or Disposition is called Fate
Word of God clean and pure Workmanship of Nature (the Workman, whose Mind was Consubstantial) united to downward born Elements of God (without Reason, only Matter)
the Workman, Mind, together with the Word containing the Circles and Whirling them about turned round as a Wheel his own Workmanships and suffered them to be turned from an indefinite Beginning to an undeterminable End; for they always begin where they end. And the Circulation or running round of these, as the Mind willeth, out of the lower or downward-born Elements brought forth brutish creatures, for they had no reason. And the Earth and the Water was separated, either from the other, as the Mind would
Father of all things, the Mind being Life and Light; Form of God, having in itself the unsatiable Beauty and all the Operation of the Seven Governors brought forth Man, like unto himself, whom he loved, having the Image of his Father.
Man Immortal, having the Nature of the Harmony of the Seven, from him of the Fire and the Spirit; being above all Harmony, he is made a servant to Harmony Mortal; Nature laying hold of what it so much loved, did wholly wrap herself about it, and they were mingled; suffers things as are subject to Fate or Destiny
God is the passive, potential principle, timeless and unchanging, consciousness without separation His first thought (Barbelo) serves as the active, energetic complement, the driving force behind creation infinite consciousness overflowing into multiplicity
Mind as God, an androgynous being (hermaphrodite), being Male and Female, Life and Light brings forth by his Word the Workman, being God of the Fire and the Spirit like 'Yaldabaoth' fashioned and formed seven Governors of the Sensible World.
The glory of all things, God, the Divine Nature A Holy Light went out from a subtle Spirit intelligible in Power in the midst of Chaos, an infinite darkness, the Abyss or bottomless Depth, and Water; and the Elements were coagulated from the Sand out of the moist Substance; the light things were divided on high And the heavy things were founded upon the moist sand; all things Divided by Fire; and being sustained or hung up by the Spirit they were so carried
  Three modes of persuasion (Aristotle)
logic (logos), reason, data pathos, persuasion by means of emotional appeal ethos, persuasion through one's moral competence
  Swedenborg Discrete degrees
celestial spiritual natural
I Am Personal Impersonal
Good Wisdom Truth
Eros-impluse Chaos Gaia - created universe
Lovr Peace harmonu
Love Lover Beloved
gnosis spirit psyche
Knowledge knower known
Witness Witnesser Witnessed
experience experiencer experienced
dualism observe subject (the observer) object (the observed)
Present Future Past
transpersonal personal impersonal
right thought right word right deed
Holistic reductionist, materialist synthesis, purpose
theistic dualistic atheistic
Mind (Flail) Emotions (Crook) Body (Staff)
  The inner form functions through the psychic power  
form function power
form psychic cosmic
One mind being Maya, illusion, time Mind of the world, No-osphere
Is it an interference meshing of waves on the surface of an eternal river What is Life? or a world tree whose roots are bindu (location) and nada (vibration)
Life wave interference, world tree eternal river, roots of location and vibration
The reason for sexual reproduction Is not to foster diversity or adeptation, nor to fuel random chemical evolution or shuffling of genetic information in order to ultimately bring about a dominant species but rather an ordering of information, a means by which God brings together couples that may better accomplish the fulfillment of Creator's Plan
fulfillment of Creator's Plan, sexually reproductive animals variety within species
Tripod of Life Sacred Geometry Structure is derived from consciousness.
You exist as a consciousness of God
mind spirit body
God Consciousness Structure
Male Female Child
tetrahedron, hexahedron dodecahedron, icosahedron sphere, octahedron
Fire, Earth Ether (prana), water void, air
  Left brain Right brain
Many higher selves.
3 Triads of the DNA.
Collective Consciousness of Nine
DNA is a light-ship with captain and crew.
Infinity with 9 angelic sections at front of each piece of triangular shaped infinity.
Communication biologically through the blood, and its pranic energy, but also through the amplification of the pineal gland which hears and sees.
Invisibilty Light Darkness
Sun, Good Light, knowlege, wisdom, Sophia sight, truth, son
  Primary colors of Light
(compare with Oahspe)
Primary colors when mixing paint are same as Oahspe
green violet red
Sky Earth Man
Onisaburo Deguchi's Three irreducible elements of the universe  
rei (spirit) ryoku (force = spirit + body) tai (body)
  Laws of Manu  
unknowable and unfathomable
This (universe) existed in the shape of Darkness, unperceived, destitute of distinctive marks, unattainable by reasoning, unknowable, wholly immersed, as it were, in deep sleep The great elements and the rest, discernible
appeared with irresistible creative power
dispelling the darkness
He who can be perceived by the internal organ alone, subtile, inconceivable, who contains all created beings, shone forth of his own will He, desiring to produce beings of many kinds from his own body, first with a thought created the waters, and placed his seed in them. That (seed) became a golden egg
in brilliancy equal to the sun
The divine Self-existent (Svayambhu) He himself was born in that (egg) as Brahman
progenitor of the whole world.
The waters (narah) were his first residence (ayana), hence Narayana
From that first cause, indiscernible, eternal, both real and unreal was produced that male (Purusha)
famed (under the appellation of) Brahman
The divine one resided in that egg during a year, then by thought (alone) divided it into two halves
heaven middle sphere he put the air, the eight points of the horizon
and the eternal abode of the waters
From himself (atmanah, the great one, the soul) he also drew forth the mind, which is both real and unreal from the mind, egoism, which possesses the function of self-consciousness and is lordly and all (products) affected by the three qualities, the 5 organs of sensation
By joining particles of himself (atmanah) with those six [egoism possessing self-consciousness + 5 organs of sensation] which form the creator's frame (sarira, the body), he created all beings
The imperishable one, the framer of all beings From minute body framing particles of these seven powerful Purushas [mind + sarira (the great elements)] springs this (world)
the perishable from the imperishable
Purusha Prakriti Ishwara, or Hiranyagarbha.
Purusha/Siva; When a soul embodies perfect justice, it enters back into the Absolute with Absolute Knowledge (Paramarthasatya). Prakriti/Shakti is what lets Purusha see himself, a mirror Maya is that factor that causes Purusha/Siva to think he is separate from manifestation, which is only illusion, dualism.
Brahma, Creator Vishnu, Preserver Siva, Destroyer
transcendent reality
divine ground of all Being
basis of reality
Sat (Adhyatmabhava) positive existence, effulgent, therefore the Real Asat (Bhootabhava) negative emanating existence, tansformations and transmutations of cosmic energy, superficial names and forms
transcendent reality
divine ground of all Being
basis of reality
Sat subjective knowlege of Brahman Asat (Avidya) negative knowlege
Knowlege Bliss Power
transcendent reality
divine ground of all Being
basis of reality
Adhyatmabhava, positive existence, changeless, incessantly radiating Power, Knowlege, Bliss Bhootabhava, living conciousness with active power
Absolute Adhyatma, effulgent Real (sat), male Creative aspect - not separate existence, but an emanating apparent negative one, (asat), female
infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, incorporeal, undifferentiated
Sat, avidyashabalam Brahman (Brahman specified or in relation to Avidya) Asat, avidya (negative knowlege)
Life is creator and creation Vedanta Life is both the instrumental and material cause. Light, reflector and relection are one
Vedanta Advaita (non-dualistic) - Experiential personal realization of unity of everything. Uses Samkhya dualism of consciousness and matter to describe the world. Dvaita (dualistic) - Atman and Paramatman are different entities. Upon Mukti, one enjoys sat-cit-ananda but can never be equal to Brahman.
Sat, static Adhyatmabhava Asat, Desire Universal mind with power to create
Vedas - sat/asat Gita - unmanifested Adhyatma/Bhoota Shaivite - Siva/Shakti
primary causal substance flows in a stream of causation Involution, primary cause is concealed in superficial forms Evolution, primary cause takes up various forms in stages of sequence
Life in static form
Adhyatmabhava, soul, radiates, center is everywhere
Life in dynamic form
Bhootabhava, person of the creator, first emanation, radii form sphere whose circumference is nowhere
Prana, dynamic life energy
Visargabhava, creation of names and forms on both the psychic and physical planes
Prajapati, Lord of creation Desire sends static life into radiation Adhyatmabhava begins to emit Bhootabhava
Prana (Bhootabhava, Hiranyagarbha) Prana, primary instrumental cause, does not change in essence through transformations Prana, material cause of universe, manifesting animate and inanimate
Inherent propensity of Bhootabhava enfolds itself from highest Mahat to unreal superficial outer form
Hiranyagarbha (Prana), golden womb All-pervading (not individualised) divine prana, universal, individual Anu (atomic, individualised prana of living beings)
Hiranyagarbha, first born Mahat, his intellect, ultimate support of all individual intellects (Mahanatma-same as Mahat) Mahasupti, cosmic sleep, worldly souls lose all knowlege of themselves
Hiranyagarbha is Prajapati His soul is Adhyatmabhava His body is Bhootabhava and Visarga
Unmanifested Avyakta Hiranyagarbha desires creation Prana Shakti begins eminating radiation of intelligence and knowlege charged with His creative energy
Purusha is adhidaiva, one who lives in an abode Purusha as adhiyajna is God residing in the body of everyone Puri, an abode, whether for God or individual soul
Paramatma, Purushottam, highest best Purusha (soul) Purusha, inner self of size of thumb always permeating the hearts of men Puri, bodies of all living beings, abodes for soul to reside
Life has 2 aspects Adhyatma, soul
Kutasha (concentrated, life principle)
stands behind involutionary Maya, unaffected
Prana, radiation, which shines in living as consciousness (reflection of prana) or life
Purusha, life principle, different from life reflected in body Kutasha, indissoluble immutable Self, Adhyatma bearing an individualised appearance Kshar purusha, destructable, reflected life, dies and decays, a radiation of the former
God, purusha Soul of the Universe, Soul of all souls Resides in and protects the body cosmic
Adhidaiva, divine aspect present inside body and outside in the universe Adhiyajna, aspect of God who confers fruits of all actions, dwells in body of every person Yajna, offering to God, actions, service to God
Purusha is Adhidaiva Adhiyajna, I only am here in the body Adhibhoota, destructible aspect
  Advaita Vedanta Despite the non-difference of cause and effect, the effect has its self in the cause but not the cause in the effect.
kāraṇa (cause) is different from kārya (effect) kārya is non-different from kāraṇa
If the threads (cause) are removed from the cotton cloth (effect) there will be no cloth
That the cause is different from the effect is understood by the reflection of a gold ornament in the mirror. It is only the form of the ornament not the ornament itself that is seen in the mirror, as the reflection has no gold.
Brahman is different from Jagat   Jagat (the world) is not different from Brahman
Brahman, non-existent, not defined by form and name A perceived flavour existing in the heart bringing bliss, blessedness From it was born what exists. "That" made itself its "Self"; Self-born
Sat, being, truth chid/chit, consciousness ananda, bliss
  consciousness matter
Atma, Brahman (impersonal) Ishvara (personal) Jiva (embodied soul) (itself pure and unaffected, but bound by limitations of nature)
Creator svarupa - personal form visvarupa - form of the universe
sristi (creation) sthiti (maintenance) amhara (dissolution)
Parambhava (Brahman) Adhyatma, Self aspect, eternal nature Bhootabhava
Absolute Brahman, unmanifested Avyakta form Adhyatmabhava, subjective, Self, static, male, eternally radiates power knowlege bliss Bhootabhava, objective, female, creative, dynamic
Unmanifested Brahman, ever eternal That Avyakta Prakriti (unmanifested cosmic energy or creative principle) psychic and physical planes
Bhootabhava of Brahman, Avyakta, Prakriti, unmanifested creative principle Visargabhava, the creation, His`work
  Samkhya Life is compared with light, itself not visible but reflects objects on psychic (mind) and physical planes
unmanifested Avyakta life principle (Chit) mindstuff, unseen, eternal, indissoluble, unchanging its reflection is visible, changes at different phases and planes of evolution
Avyakta, unmanifested form, original state of universe,
1st principle
Mahat, the Great, 1st manifestation, cosmic mindstuff, intelligence, reflects life principle (Avyakta) Ahamkar, cosmic consciousness (ego, I Am)
Mahat + Ahamkar (reflected consciousness) = cosmic mind
Thus the static Avyakta is set in motion (becomes dynamic) Motion implies inertia
Mahat manifests 2 opposite forces
Rajoguna (activity) Tamoguna (inertia)
Life reflected on Mahat imparts a 3rd attribute,
Sattvaguna (peace)
Triguna, the three qualities (Gunas)
(modifications of Prakriti).
Since gunas come into play on the first plane they are inherent in nature
Perfect justice is the perfect equilibrium of the three gunas.
Mind (Sattvaguna predominating) 5 senses of perception (Sattva + Rajoguna)
5 organs of action (Rajoguna)
5 states of matter [ether, gas, heat, liquid, solid] (Rajoguna + Tamoguna)
Sattva, template of balance or equilibrium, fineness, lightness, illumination and joy Rajas, template of expansion or activity, excitation and pain Tamas, template of inertia or resistance to action, coarseness, heavyness, obstruction and sloth
Vaishnava As the sun disc and the sunshine cannot be separated, similarly Krishna and His bodily rays, the brahmajyoti, cannot be separated.
Krishna Brahmajyoti
Brahman effulgence of light situated outside the covering of the material universes
region of Krishna's external energy
  The 24 Principles (tattvas) of Prakriti vyakta and avyakta - seen and unseen
Prakriti (static, potential, most essential unitary undifferentiated, unevolved form of dynamic existance) unseen avyakta, brahmajyoti
so'ham - I am the brahmajyoti
Purusha comes into "proximity" to Prakriti, which becomes impregnated and evolves progressively into dynamic manifestation, its seen, differentiated material nature.
Avyakta-Mahat-Ahamkar (sattvwik, rajasik, tamasik) mind perceptions of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell
powers of speech, grasp, motion, sexuality and excretion
5 tanmatras, sound, touch, sight, taste and smell
(corresponding to the 5 faculties of perceptions) ether, air, fire, water, earth
Prakriti, most subtle potentiality, "primordial Matter", a state of equilibrium amongst the Three Gunas Mahat, first product of evolution from Prakriti, pure potentiality, principle responsible for the rise of buddhi or intelligence Ahamkara, ego-sense, second product, responsible for the self-sense, one's identification with the outer world
Gross Tanmatras, product from Mahat and Ahamkara Tattva, subtle form of gross Mahabhutas which result from grossification of the Tanmatras. Each are made of all three Gunas. Manas or "Antahkaran" evolves from the total sum of the sattva aspect of Tanmatras or the Ahamkara
Panch (Gross) jnana indriyas (5 sense organs) also evolves from the sattva aspect of Ahamkara.
Pancha karma indriya (5 organs of action - hands, legs, vocal apparatus, urino-genital organ and anus, evolve from rajas of Ahamkara)
Pancha mahabhuta (5 great substances - ether, air, fire, water and earth, evolve from tamas of Ahamkara), revealed aspect of the physical universe.
Prakriti/Avyakta Buddhi/Mahat
5 Jnaendriyas      5 Karmendriyas
5 Tanmatras     5 Mahabhutas
Prakriti Empirically Subjective
Mahat (Cosmic Egg),
Buddhi (Pure Ego)
Ahamkara (Dynamic Ego)
5 Jnaendriyas      5 Karmendriyas
5 Tanmatras     5 Bhutas
The Five Bodies (sheaths, kosas) Humans are composed of these 24 tattvas spread among the kosas that encase the soul. Below includes the corresponding element, karmendriya, jnaendriya, tanmatra, nourishment
Bliss body
(Anandamaya kosa)
space, speech organ, ear, hearing, sound
Intelligence body (Vijnanamaya kosa)
fire, feet, eyes, seeing, light
Mental body (Manomaya kosa)
water, excrete organ, toungue, tasting, water
Breath body (Pranamaya kosa) air, hands, skin, touching, breath
Gross body (Annamaya kosa) earth, sex organ, nose, smelling, gross food
  The 36 Principles (tattvas) of Shaivism  
The Absolute, Param Siva (above desire) Adhyatmabhava, first spanda (vibration) "I" (aham) implies "this" (idam)
Param Siva (above desire) Adhyatma Shiva bhava ("I") Shakti ("this") second spanda
Niranjan (transcending peace) unmanifested voidness, first phase
Adhyatmabhava, first spanda Shakti, second spanda Sada Shiva, third spanda, Adhyatma bhava predominates
Sada Shiva, third spanda Ishwar (lord of his power, Shakti), fourth spanda (principle) Shuddha Vidya (pure knowlege), fifth spanda, lord cognisant of his Shakti
Shanti (peace), second phase
Shuddhashuddha vidya
Third phase of mixed (pure and impure) knowlege
Involution of "I" within the folds of Shakti
Maya, sixth spanda, mixed knowlege
illusory knowlege of limitation of Self within the bounds of time, phases, cognizance, order and attachment, thus making Adhyatmabhava take a narrrow outlook of individuality (purusha)
Time, seventh spanda
Kala (phases) eighth spanda
Vidya (cognizance) nineth spanda
Niyati, (laws of nature, order) tenth spanda
Raga (attachment) eleventh spanda
Purusha (individualised soul) twelveth spanda
Involution of Bhootabhava Pratishtha phase
(23 principles of Samkhya)
Nivritti phase (earth) 24th principle of Samkhya
Adhyatma doesnt change during involution but identifies with isolated waves Bhootabhava undergoes changes reflecting the unchanged "I" in the folds of involution Lingum symbolic of fixed immovable Adhyatma in center of coils of Bhootabhava, the folds permiated by rays of life, giving various shades for each phase.
Sadashiva is manifested but in embryo (seed) form,
2 aspects in one grain,
half male & half female
Ishwar and Shuddha Vidya, its 2 aspects, become separate and distinct Creative Aspect illusory and perverted notion of Adhyatmabhava
Through Maya and its 5-fold limitations Adhyatmabhava appears as individual soul, Bhootabhava becomes dead matter
  Fourfold division of worlds (Bhuvanatraya)  
Bhuvah, heaven, firmament Swar, atmosphere, the sky
Mahar, eternal luminous essence
Bhur, earth
  Theosophical views Three planes of existence
Arupaloka (or arupadhatu) is a world divided into seven Dhyanas, the most abstract and formless, for it is without any form or desire whatever. It is the highest world of the post-mortem Trailokya; threshold of the Nirvanic state.
In Anupadhatu (or Arupavachara) there can be neither form nor sensation, nor feeling connected with our three dimensional Universe
Rupaloka (or rupadhatu), celestial world of "form" (rupa), or "Devachan." With the uninitiated Brahmans, Chinese and other Buddhists, the Rupadhatu is divided into eighteen Brahma or Devalokas; the life of a soul therein lasts from half a Yuga - 16,000 Yugas (Kalpas), and the height of the "Shades" is from half a Yojana up to 16,000 Yojanas (Yojana measures from 5.5 - 10 miles). Esotericism teaches that though for the Egos for the time being, everything or everyone preserves its form (as in a dream), yet as Rupadhatu is a purely mental world, and a state, the Egos themselves have no form outside their own consciousness. Esotericism divides this world into seven Dhyanas, "regions", or states of contemplation, which are not localities but mental representations of these. Kamaloka (or kamadhatu) is the world of Mara. Kamaloka has, like every other world, its seven divisions, the lowest of which begins on earth or invisibly in its atmosphere; the six others ascend gradually, the highest being the abode of those who have died before the end of the term allotted to them, and whose higher principles do not go at once into Devachanic state—sleep, a dreamless sweet sleep of oblivion, at the termination of which they are either reborn immediately, or pass gradually into the Devachanic state. This is that which medieval and modern Kabalists call the world of astral light, and the "world of shells".
  Ramana Maharshi  
Source of self is the heart, self-luminous, undifferentiated light of pure consciousness into which reflected light of the mind is completely absorbed Illumination arises from the heart and reaches the brain, which is the seat of the mind. The world is seen with the mind, so you see the world by the reflected light of the self The world is perceived by an act of the mind. When the mind is illumined, it is aware of the world. If it is not so illumined, it is not aware of the world. If the mind is turned in towards the source of illumination, objective knowledge ceases, and self alone shines as the heart
Nibbana/Nivana self, luminous essence, true, original self, core of being
primordial radiance of mind
fundamental source of all attachment to being and becoming
Self (atman) Pure (subha) Eternal (nitya), Blissful (sukha)
  Trailokya Three worlds, spheres, realms
Arupaloka, Arupadhatu (world of formlessness, noncorporal realm populated with four heavens) Rupaloka, Rupadhatu (world of form, free of baser desires) Kamaloka, Kamadhatu (world of desire)
Vairocana Buddha is often depicted in Shingon as the incomprehensible Dharmakaya. The three kayas (Trikayas, Japanese - Sanjin) Three bodies or persons
energetic emergence
Dharmakaya - Truth or Reality body, Embodiment of Truth, the principle of enlightenment, knows no limits.
Dharmabhuta - Truth-become, One who has become Truth. Transcends the forms of physical and spiritual bodies.
Sambhogakaya or body of mutual enjoyment which is a body of bliss or clear light manifestation. The reward-body, whereby a bodhisattva completes his vows and becomes a Buddha. Amitabha, Vajrasattva and Manjushri are examples of Buddhas with the Sambhogakaya body. Rupakaya, renamed Nirmanakaya (created body which manifests in time and space) [Pure Land]
The pure light of your heart [mind] is the Dharmakaya Buddha within. The non-differentiating light of your heart in the moment is the Sambhogakaya Buddha within. The non-discriminating light of your own heart in the moment is the Nirmanakaya Buddha within.
dang - infinite and formless rolpa - thoughtform of "the eye of the mind"
the transpersonal imaginal manifestation
tsal - manifestation of the energy of the individual
as apparently an 'external' world
The assumed two aspects of dharmakaya become: Vajrayana refers to a 4th kaya - Svabhavikakaya The unity or non-separateness of the three kayas.
Svabhavikakaya - Essence Body
Jnanakaya - Wisdom (Gnosis) Body
"deity dimension", "body of bliss" or "astral body".
  The three Vajras The three gates, three receptacles
mind voice, speech body
  The three vajras also correspond to the three kayas  
aspect of mind at the heart (dharmakaya) aspect of speech at the throat (sambhogakaya) aspect of body located at the crown (nirmanakaya)
  Seed syllables corresponding to the Three Vajras  
blue hum (enlightened mind) red ah (enlightened speech) white om (enlightened body)
  Trimandala (Sanskrit) Three spheres
Subject action object
Sound - resides at the heart
the 'mind'-wheel
light - resides at the throat, the 'voice'-wheel
the Aum-wheel (for rainbow body)
rays - resides at the head, the 'body'-wheel
the Ah-wheel (for Five Pure Lights pranayama)
  The Three Mysteries  
visualization of mandala mantra mudra
Tantric processes within the trance Bardos of Dream and Sleep The Three teachings of nyilam (Sanskrit:svapnadarsana), the Yoga of the Dream State of Dzogchen 'Dream body' [or mind body] is the 'vision body' (Tibetan: yid lus). In the bardo one has the yid lus (yid, consciousness; lus, body).
The Clear (radiant) Light (Sanskrit: prabhasvara) Dream Yoga Illusory Body (Sanskrit: maya deha)
Base Path Fruit
Avidya (ignorance) Upadana (attachment) Tṛṣṇā (desire)
Desire Hatred Ignorance
Wind (air and aether constitution) Bile (fire and water constitution) Phlegm (earth and water constitution)
Study (Sanskrit: shruta) Reflection (Sanskrit: cinta) Meditation (Sanskrit: bhavana)
View (absolute nature of mind) Meditation: stabilizing and making that View an unbroken experience Action integrating that View into our daily life
Buddha Dharma Sangha

Sri Yantra repeats the form of the double triangle enclosed in a lotus within four walls. It is the symbol of Devi in two forms. Her own form (svarupa) and the form of the universe (visvarupa). This yantra is composed of two sets of triangles and chakras, on within the other, centered upton the bindu. The four triangles with points upwards represent the Siva element, and the five pointing downwards, the Sakti element. All are formed by the mula-prakriti (root-sakti) and the vikritas (manifestations) which, because of their creative power, are Prakriti. The nine chakras also represent sristi (creation), sthiti (maintenance) and samhara (dissolution)

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